All-In-1 Cat Tree For Small Apartments

This all-in-1 cat tree for small apartments is perfect for someone in a small space.  It has a little bit of everything your cat needs to feel at home while looking fab.

If an all-in-1 cat tree for small apartments is what the doctor ordered, then look no further.  This has a little of everything your cat could need to have a small space of their own.

Which, when you have very limited space, it’s important for things to serve as many functions as possible.  So, this cat tree is a cat condo bed, cat tree and scratching post all rolled into one small package.

And it looks quite beautiful as well with it’s paper rope material. This won’t be an eyesore in your home, that’s for sure.

The dimensions on this cat tree are 19” x 19” x 29”.

It’s pretty petite, but still big enough for all but the largest of cats to enjoy (we’re talking 25 lb Maine Coons, here).  It’ll be perfect to set in front of a window, giving your cat a great basking spot.

It has a decent sized scratching post to help keep your kitties claws preoccupied with something other than the carpet or your couch.  The scratching post is wrapped in durable sisal rope, which is what most scratching posts are made from.

Looking for something a little taller? Check out this tension pole cat tree. It’s perfect for super small spaces!

Much like the sisal they use for this cat tree, all of it’s materials are quite durable. The paper rope cat condo and basket bed are strong enough to hold your cat and put up with whatever abuse they put it through.

All while looking stylish and lovely.

The cat condo stationed at the bottom gives your feline friend a great place to nestle in for a good nap away from all the craziness of their daily kitty life.  Which, as we all know, is quite full, what with all the patrolling and judging they have in their schedule.

Assembly of this cat tree is super simple, and shouldn’t take more than ten minutes.  It’s light enough that most anyone should be able to handle it on their own. And it’s easy to move around if you need to, once it’s put together.

This all in one cat tree for apartments is light enough to be moved around easily.

Just be sure to pick it up by the base, and not any of the connecting joints.  You just don’t want to stress any important connections.

Since this cat tree is roughly 2 and a half feet tall, it’s top bowl-shaped bed is the perfect height for your cat to enjoy their window views.

Watching the birds go by, squirrels invaders will surely be intimidated by their sudden looming presence. 

Or at least, that’s what we can tell our kitties.

You can see why I think this is the all-in-1 cat tree for small apartments.  It has a condo, a higher place for your cat to enjoy and a scratching post to help keep their claws away from your furniture.  Not to mention it’s pretty and made from durable materials.

But, if this isn’t exactly what you had in mind for your small space, there are a surprising amount of cat trees that work for condos and apartments.  Click here to see some of them!

I hope you like this cat tree and can see how it can help you make the most out of a small space.  It has a little bit of everything and is still big enough for most every cat. Have a great day and give your kitty a scritch for me!

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