5 Level Hanging Cat Tree For Apartments

This 5 level hanging cat tree for apartments is an amazing space saver.  It's ideal for studio apartments and similarly small spaces!

This is a super space efficient 5 level hanging cat tree for apartments.  It’s one of the best options out there that I’ve seen for giving your cat a place of their own. And it doesn’t involve sacrificing any floor space.

A view of the front packaging for the 5 Level Hanging Cat Tree For Apartments.

If you have a small or studio apartment, this cat tree is a life saver.  It can be installed onto just about any door too, which is just perfect!

So whether you are dealing with a bedroom door, closet or even bathroom, it’ll fit.

Because it hangs from the door, you don’t really have to worry about making extra room for it, like you do for a regular cat tree.  Vertical space is usually less of a problem when you are needing to fit everything into your small space.

You don’t have to worry about it’s strength either, as each cubby is designed up hold up to 20 lbs and it’s made to handle multiple cats at once!  Which, I have seen several customers happily confirm.

With 7 peep holes in total, not only can your cats get a good view of what’s going on outside of their cat tree… You can poke your nose in to check on them too!  Or reach in and give them some love, because who can resist giving their cat some attention?

A large cat enjoying one of the peep holes on his doorway hanging cat tree.

And each level is accessible from inside, I’ve seen some very active, energetic cats run up and down this thing, scaling it with ease.  And it stayed firmly in place. Even when other cats got into the mix and they started playing together through the holes.

Part of the reason this is possible is that the main material they use in the construction of this cat tree is 600 Denier fabric.  This is a super strong fabric that is water resistant, and often used in the making of things like backpacks. It’s also used for boat awnings and the like because of its durability. 

A little cute kitten enjoying one of the upper tiers on this five tier hanging cat tree.

This means that it’s easy to clean, as if any liquid gets on it, it’s not going to soak in.  It doesn’t really attract and hold onto cat hair either. So it’s a simple thing to wipe off or clean with a lint roller if you ever feel the need.  

The only thing to really note about this is when you initially get it, it might have a rather strong ‘plastic’ smell.  If you let it air out or gently spritz it with something pet friendly, it shouldn’t be a problem. I would recommend a catnip spray!

It is also super portable and easy to store.  It simply folds up when you need to put it away.  So, it won’t take up a lot of storage space when you need to take it down for whatever reason.

I haven’t seen another cat tree quite like this, or utilize this concept as well as K&H Pet Products does!

I’m thoroughly impressed and I hope you are too, because this is a real space saver while still being strong and providing ample space for kitty romping.

If you are wanting a slightly more traditional cat tree though, there are other apartment and small space friendly options to check out.  Click here if you want to see more!

So, this 5 level hanging cat tree for apartments has a long list of things going for it.  From the fact that it takes up no floor space, can handle multiple cats and large cats alike.  It’s inexpensive, durable and folds for easy storage.  

To sum up, I think this is great for cats with lots of energy in a small space who need somewhere to romp, hide and lounge!  I hope this was helpful and that you have a great day. Give your kitty some love from me!

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