How This Cat Tree For Small Spaces Will Make Your Cat Happy

How will this cat tree for small spaces make your cat happy?  By giving them a space of their own with all the kitty necessities, packed into one compact cat tree.

This cat tree for small spaces is here to help transform your apartment, condo or small house into the perfect place for your kitty to thrive.  

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A cat tree can help a cat to stay healthy, especially when your home isn’t huge. Cat trees give great outlets for excess energy and gives them their “own” space.

It can also help keep the peace, protecting your furniture from their claws by keeping their attention on something more appropriate to scratch on.

And that’s why I think this cat tree in particular is perfect! It has all the features needed to help keep your cat happy in a small house.  It really gives them an outlet!

The Paper Rope Condo & Perch Cat Tree from Pet Pals

You can see this cat tree for small spaces is well suited for a multi-cat home just as well as a single cat.

This cat tree ticks all the boxes.

It has all the elements I look for in a cat tree of any size, for any space.  This one just comes in a much smaller and more space efficient package!  

This cat tree is roughly 19” x 19” x 29”, so it’s about 2 and a half feet in height.

If you have a window you’d like your cat to be able to enjoy more easily, or perhaps a glass door out onto a balcony, this cat tree is a wonderful size for that.  

Your cat can easily hop onto the top bed and bask in the sun or watch the pigeons do their pigeon thing.  

The scratching post helps your cat get out all their natural need to scratch, because it’s there and often (especially in younger cats) it’s strong!  It’s not something to be outright discouraged, even if it feels like it.

Instead redirect it towards something like this, with a scratching post.  It’ll save your carpet, furniture, drapes, all while giving your cat that outlet they need to be happy.

Something else cats tend to require to be happy is a hidey-hole of their own.

A paper rope cat condo.  Wicker style cat condo with scratching post.

A lot of cats pick under your bed, since it smells the most familiar while being away from all the hubbub.

If you want your cat to stay out and stay “social” a bit more, or at least be in the family space more, a cat tree like this with a little condo for them to hide in is a great way to do that.

It’s enclosed, so it feels safe, but it’s still out in the common area with you.

This can help especially anxious kitties feel more at home in a small space.

It’s light enough to be picked up and moved.  This is great if you aren’t sure where you want it at first or think your cat might like it better somewhere else.

Just make sure to pick it up by it’s base, you don’t want to stress the joints in ways they aren’t designed for.

The materials are surprisingly durable, overall.  Paper rope has been used for ages to make wonderful, strong and creative furniture.

This cat tree is no different. So, not only will your cat be happy, but you will too.

It’s pretty, strong and cozy.  The central post is wrapped in sisal for your cat to scratch at to their heart’s content.  

And with all of these things combined I think it’s easy to see why I believe this is one of the best, if not the best overall cat tree for small spaces.  It’s truly got a little bit of everything going for it! It brings together all the important features into one small package.

But, should this particular cat tree not be exactly what you are on the lookout for, I have a few other options for you to consider!  Let’s look at those real quick.

Furhaven Pet Cat Tree: Tension Pole

The FurHaven tension pole cat tree is a great cat tree for small spaces because it takes up hardly any floor space while still giving your cat lots of room to romp and climb.

It you need something with a very small footprint but you want it to be tall, you might consider a tension pole cat tree.  They span the length between floor and ceiling, putting enough pressure to be sturdy while your cat leaps around and has their adventures.

A tension pole cat tree can save a lot of space while still giving your cat their own little mountain to scale.  

Tension pole cat trees span from floor to ceiling, providing good support and a strong cat tree for your cat to climb, all while being super compact for apartment living.

This cat tree has a lot of the features I look for when picking out a cat tree.  Good height, scratching posts and plenty of places to lounge.

It is lacking a hidey hole though. So if you have a more timid cat this might not quite be the pick for you.

However, if you know your cat isn’t shy and won’t care if their space doesn’t have a place to hide, I don’t think you’ll have a problem with this.

It’s made from plush, snuggly faux fur with sisal rope tightly wrapped around the pillar. This makes a nice long scratching post for your kitty.

While tall, it doesn’t take up much floor space.  It’s base is 15” x 23”, so it won’t take up your entire floor in order to give your cat their own little kitty safe haven.  

And it comes in three colors!

AmazonBasics Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

This inexpensive AmazonBasics cat tree is a great cat tree for small spaces because it's compact, has a nice spot to lounge and plenty of things to scratch up that aren't your couch.

If you want something super inexpensive that will still give your kitty something to enjoy, I can highly recommend this small cat tree from AmazonBasics.  It won’t break the bank, but is still a great cat tree for small spaces.

It’s also great if your cat loves hammocks!  Which, I know a lot of kitties do.

It’s base is 15” x 15” so it won’t take up all that much room.  But it’s still tall enough though, at 19” tall. It can sit happily in front of a window and give your cat a wonderful spot to bask.  

Dual jute rope scratching posts support this inexpensive cat tree for apartment dwellers.

The dual jute rope scratching posts are there to help protect your furniture and help keep your kitty (or kitties) happy by letting them get all that scratching out of their system.

However, despite being a good size for smaller homes, this cat tree remains stable and well suited to most large cats.

I would say 20lbs and under should be perfectly cozy in this hammock.  Once you get to 25lbs, the hammock may simply be a bit small for them to comfortably lay in.

Most cats however, should have absolutely no problem.  I’ve seen two cats squeeze comfortably into the hammock for a good snuggle.

And it comes in two neutral colors so that no matter what the decor of your home is, it’ll be sure to blend in well.

The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

The Refined Feline Lotus cat tower is an amazing solid wood cat tree that works for all kinds of spaces, from small to large.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you want something tall but elegant this is something I would recommend.  

I know it looks like it takes up a lot of space, but it’s base is actually rather small.  The only thing you have to worry about is if you actually want a taller cat tree or not.

As I said above, this cat tree is only 20 inches by 20 inches at the base, so it won’t take up all your floor space! Though it IS a rather large cat tree overall.  If you have the vertical space for it, you’ll love this.

A solid wood cat tree is an investment, it'll last you and your kitty a long time and this cat tree for small spaces is no exception.

It’s almost 6 feet tall at 69”, giving your cats something to really scale.

Made from wood, this is a very sturdy cat tree as well.

It won’t be going anywhere easily that’s for sure! But that also means your cat won’t knock it over when they happily zoom up and down it.

It might not initially look like it has a scratching post, but it does!  Sort of, it’s actually a scratch pad that uses industrial strength velcro to attach to the side of this cat tree.

So, not only does your cat have a place to get out their need to scratch, but it’s replaceable. Without needing an entirely new cat tree!

In fact, each shelf is set up with velcro and berber carpet mats! This makes it extra easy to clean or replace as needed.

A cat tree like this will last you years, it’s an investment just like your couch!  It’ll help keep both you and your cats happy no matter where you are. Small space or not.

K&H Pet Products Hangin’ Cat Condo

This cat tree for small spaces doesn't even take up any floor space, instead attaching to and hanging from a door.

If you want to talk about one of the most space efficient cat trees I’ve seen, this one has got to be it.  

It completely preserves all your floor space! Since it doesn’t sit on the floor at all and uses a spot that very few people make practical use of.  It hangs right on your door! Bedroom, bathroom, closet, wherever you have a door, you can attach this and give your cats their own little spot.

A kitty enjoying the bottom cubby of this hanging cat tree for apartments.

This cat tree for small spaces is perfect for apartment life, since you could even make it work in a studio apartment.  If your cat just needs a place to romp and climb, this is a wonderful solution.

It does not have a built-in scratching post sadly. Though, I’m not sure how they’d achieve that with this design.

But the material itself is 600 Denier, a waterproof/resistant very strong fabric, used to make backpacks and sometimes even boat awnings due to its strength and weather resistant qualities.

It's perfect for large and small cats alike, it takes no floor space and is a great cat tree for small spaces if your cat likes to climb and snuggle up. You could even work this in as a good cat tree for studio apartments.

Though, it is great for cats who like having their own little hidey hole! So shy cats can still have a safe place to hide that isn’t under your bed.

And it has seven little peep holes so that your cat can sneak a peek out at you! Or you can check on them and see how they are in their happy little hide-away. 

It folds down for easy storage, so if you don’t have room or end up moving you don’t have to worry about it taking up a whole bunch of space in storage.

As you can see, in the hunt for a cat tree for small spaces there are more options than you might initially see.  Everything from the actually tiny, unobtrusive cat tree to something really tall with a small base so that you don’t have all your floor space taken up.  

Whatever you think your cat will enjoy the most without disrupting the flow of your home, you can have.  And it can look good too.

Have a great day and give your kitty some love from me!

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