Small Space Friendly Tension Pole Cat Tree

A small space friendly tension pole cat tree could be the solution for your small house.  It's a good choice for those with apartments or condos, even studio apartments might find good use with this.

This small space friendly tension pole cat tree can fit into most any apartment or small condo.  Tension pole cat trees can be a great solution when you are on the hunt to make your home more cat friendly.

They can be tall without being too wide giving your cats lots of vertical space. This means you can more easily fit them into whatever little space you happen to have far more easily!  

You can see how this small space friendly tension pole cat tree has more than a few spaces for your kitty to happily lounge and nestle in.

This particular cat tree is called the Tiger Tough Cat Ladder Playground, from Furhaven Pet Products.

It has several great platforms for your cat to lounge on and zoom up. A central scratching post, ladder and cat hammock at the very tippy top!

With four platforms leading practically ceiling high, this cat tree is great for young and adult cats to get out their energy with.  Each platform, including the ladder, is covered in soft, durable yet snuggly faux fur.  

No matter whether your kitty is playing or snoozing, they’ll have something super cozy to do it on.

The middle section of the tension pole itself is wrapped in natural sisal rope for your cat to scratch at to their heart’s content.  This can help keep their claws off things that you’d rather they not scratch.

Even though it reaches all the way to your ceiling, the base is only 23” x 15”.  So, it can fit into most any nook you need it to.

And it comes in three different colors!  All of them are neutral, so you can fit it easily into any homes decor.  It comes in brown, cream and grey.

If you like the idea of a tension pole cat tree but aren’t sold on this one, there are plenty of others out there!  Click here to see more!

With that said I hope you like this small space friendly tension pole cat tree.  It has a lot going for it! The materials are durable, the scratching post is long and the cat hammock is delightful.  Plus, it doesn’t take up oodles of space.

If you are wanting something perhaps a little more compact though, I’ve been doing some research and have written an article on the cat trees I’ve found for small spaces here!

So, that’s the Tiger Tough Cat Ladder Playground, I hope you like it or at least found something useful while you were here!  Have a great day and give your kitty some love from me!

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