Cat Tower

Are you looking for a cat tower for your special kitty? These beauties are tall, strong and inexpensive. As an added bonus a great many of them have FREE SHIPPING included in the price.

If you are in a hurry, we recommend this cat tower here!  It’s high quality, beautiful and has wonderful reviews on Amazon.

Cat towers are tall and have a lot of different perches for your cats to romp around on and entertain themselves with.  And let’s face it, when you add one of these to your home it’s entertainment for the whole family.

You will love watching your feline friends zooming up, down and all around their new cool cat tower. Best of all, when you teach them it’s OK to climb, claw and scratch on THEIR CAT FURNITURE they leave YOUR furniture and drapes alone! Bonus, right?

Cat Towers

Cat lounging on a cat tower bed

Cat towers are for the high flyin’ feline in your life.  If you have a kitty who loves to sit up high and watch the world go on around them, you’re likely going to want a cat tower like the ones below.

They give your cat a place to romp, play and scratch that’s, y’know, meant for all that.  Plus, it can give them a safe place to run to when they just don’t want to deal with the dogs snuffling anymore.

One of our top recommendations actually is this cat tower from New Cat Condos!

New Cat Condos builds some of the sturdiest cat furniture we’ve seen in awhile.  Gone are the days of potentially concerning woobly structures.  I think most people who have purchased a few cat trees for their house has had to return one because it was just not stable enough for bouncing, pouncing cats.  Or maybe we were just unlucky.

Either way, this is a solid cat tower that’s sure to stand up to the most excitable catling.

With all that said, cat towers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles.  So, you can get some that have cat condos attached, or you could grab one that’s sleek and modern.  The choice is yours.

Modern Cat Tower

A cat lounging in a modern cat tower that has a wicker orb bed on the top

Modern cat towers are a popular style that people tend to look for.  They are sleek and come in a variety of different shapes to fit your home and aesthetic.

Cat towers can also be great for if you live in a smaller space, since unlike some cat trees they take more advantage of the vertical space in your home rather than sucking up oodles of valuable floor space.  So, if you’re an apartment dweller and want to give your cats some high up spaces to perch, cat towers can be a great option.

And that concludes our showing of cat towers for now!  We hope you found them useful and were able to find what you were looking for.  We’ll keep this page updated as we find new and interesting cat towers.  Until then, have a great day and hug your kitties for us!

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