Contemporary Cat Tent Bed: PERFECT For Your Large Cat

This contemporary cat tend bed is a truly beautiful, minimalist cat bed that is designed to look perfect in your home and work well for your cats.

This contemporary cat tent bed from Tuft + Paw is called the Choco Tent.  It’s a beautifully made, minimalist cat bed that’s the perfect size for even large cats to enjoy.

This is a luxury cat bed made from all natural, long lasting materials.  Like durable cotton fabric and solid wood supports, which support and make this tent possible.

I’ve noticed a lot of cat beds that are tents tend to be cute, but I end up questioning the longevity of them.

Some of the ones I’ve seen in pet stores and such can look cheap and make me worry about how they’ll last with a large (potentially young and energetic cat) moving in and out, playing around and in it.

Not to mention that you just don’t want something that looks “cheap” floating around your home.  You want something that will work with your homes design and compliment your own, modern aesthetic.

This contemporary cat tent bed definitely fits that bill.  As I’ve already mentioned, it’s made from things that are designed to last. 

But they also look good in your house, like something YOU’D want to use! Instead of something you expect to throw out in six months. 

And you won’t feel like it’s made only with small cats and kittens in mind.  It’s big enough for even large cats to fit in and curl up. No matter if you have a Maine Coon or a smaller cat, they can really comfily nestle in here and enjoy themselves.

If you want to know the specific dimensions (just to be extra sure) for this cat bed, you can check them here.

It comes in five different colors, stone gray, cloud white, dusty peach, sandy beige, and charme tan.

The bottom of this cat bed tent is a domed wooden base, designed to cradle your cat and give them a comfy place to sleep, snuggle up and hide from the world for awhile.

But, don’t worry, they won’t be sleeping on a hard wood base.  There is a super cozy pillow insert for inside the tent that nestles perfectly into the domed base.  

It’s easy to clean, with the fabric cover on the cushion insert being machine washable (just make sure to hang dry it!).  And if you ever need to wash the tent cover, just hand wash it in cold water.

And assembly of it can be done in just a minute or two.  So it’ll be usable in no time, all you’ll have to do is decide on the perfect place for it.

Just take a look at this review!

As they pointed out, some cats really value having their privacy, and this definitely provides that. 

It gives a secluded place that they can call their own, away from their siblings, human, feline or dog.  But, having a bed like this can give them their own space in a way that still keeps them around, in the main areas of the house.

By putting a piece of cat furniture, from a cat bed like this one to a cat tree or shelf, like the ones you can see over here, you are creating a space that is more easy for you and your cat to cohabitate in.

And, if you want to see more luxury modern cat furniture that could either go with this, or maybe you want to see other cat bed options, click here!

So, that’s my favorite contemporary cat tent bed that I have yet to find.  It’s perfect for cats of all sizes, super cozy and easy to put together. The domed bottom makes for a comfy place to lay along with the pillow included.

Easy to clean and style in your home.  It’s the kind of quality cat furniture you’ll be able to have in your house 10 years from now if you choose to.

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