Cat Condos

Are you wondering what the difference between a “Cat Condo” and a “Cat Tree” is? Well, don’t feel like the lone ranger in this. We get this question all the time from folks all across the country. Simply put, a cat condo is a cat tree with a sleeping box or hidey hole in it. In most cases they function just the same. Your cats will climb, romp, play and sleep on them. But the cat condo will offer a box, often way up high, for them to curl up in or just satisfy their need to be “sneaky”!

If you’re in a hurry, I can highly recommend this cat tower with TWO condos. It’s one of our favorites for a reason!

It’s a lovely modern cat condo with sisal posts!  Your cats can climb on the posts and the levels created by their individual steps.  That makes this a little more accessible even to cats who are having a harder time climbing up to higher spots.

The double condo makes it friendly for multiple cats, or even a small dog.  Accommodating cats of all types, older or younger, cats who enjoy being lower (otherwise known ad bushdwellers) or your high flying tree climbers. 

With that said, if that’s not your style continue on below and see what else the cat condo world has to offer!

Cat Condos

Kitties sitting on a two tiered cat condo

Lets look at some of the other options you can pick from when you’re looking into getting a cat tree, cat condo, or just general kitty play gym of some sort.

If you want a hidey hole for your cat that still has at least a little height for them to climb, you can find that pretty easily.  Or if you need more of a space saver, that’s similarly easy to find. As you can see from this tuna can condo!

This cat condo is a delightful space saver, while still being a remarkably interesting conversation piece. It doubles as a durable cat scratcher too. You can get it from cloudybayart here on Etsy.

There’s anything from tall cat trees with built in condos to small, space saving single level kitty cubbies that will make great caves for your ferocious hunter.

Modern Cat Condos

A fluffy cat laying on a modern cat condo

If you like that modern flair, the good news is that there are lots of different cat condos to choose from that fit into that category. From cute, kawaii modern little cardboard cat condos to elegant and minimalist options, there’s something for you.   But if you’re looking for something that’s a little more “elegant and sleek” I might recommend the Refined Lotus Cat Tower.

It’s got a lovely aesthetic that would go well in just about any home.  It’s cushions and pads are all replaceable, so if your cat wears them down you can easily get new without having to replace the entire cat condo/tower combo!

With all that said, if the Lotus and Vesper aren’t what you are looking for, there are plenty of other options!

Cat Tree & Condos

A cat tree with two cat condos on it

Last topic we’re going to cover is cat tree and condo combos!  They are plentiful and diverse, providing much needed romping space for your kitties, both young and old.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles.

While I know it can seem overwhelming at first, in the grand scheme of everything it means that you can really find what you’re wanting and the proper piece of cat furniture to fit your cats needs!  On that note, below is an example of some of the variety you can find when looking for cat trees with condos attached.

Well, we hope this was helpful and that you guys were able to find the cat condo you were looking for!  It can be a long journey to finding the right one for you and your feline friends, but it’s worth it in the end!  As we find more cool cat condos and good deals, we’ll be sure to update this page!  Until then, have a good one and give your kitties some scritches for us!

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