Cat Furniture

Cat furniture is fun a fun, functional and stylish addition to your home.

Cat furniture is a fun, functional and stylish addition to your home. It keeps your cats busy, entertained and in good health by providing them good exercise and mental stimulation. These days there are options for every kind of cat, cat owner and household. You can find HUGE cat trees, tiny kitty condos, cat scratchers and even cat furniture to hide your litter box from view.

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Prefer a sleek modern look to your cat furniture? No worries you’ll find something to please. Want a more contemporary carpeted cat tree? Those are in abundance, and at a really good price too. So kick back with a cup’a Joe and get ready to find the cat furniture you’ve been dreaming of at a price that will amaze you.

Cat Trees

Our first stop on this long list of cat furniture is of course, the cat tree!  They come in all shapes, sizes and styles so that you can really find something that suits your home while still giving your cat everything they need to be happy.  All while saving your couch from a good scratching.

In a hurry?  Check out one of our bestselling cat trees, it might just be what you’re looking for.  It’s tall, elegant and sturdy.  With multiple platforms and a little cubby or cat condo built in at the bottom, it’s got a little something for whatever your cats prefer.

It’s also going to last you a good while.  It’s made of tough wood and all the parts of it that will wear out eventually are replaceable.  So, the 20 inch sisal scratching mat on the side, the cushions, ect.  Speaking of, the cushions on the inside and top of the cubby are a very lovely soft faux suede, which can be removed and tossed into the wash whenever you feel like they need freshening up.

Click here for more info and to see plenty of images of this elegant cat tower in action!

And the carpet on the three steps is a nice brown berber carpet that is held down by strong velcro, so you can remove them whenever they need replacing or cleaning as well!

If the that Lotus cat tree doesn’t quite float your boat, don’t worry because we have a lot of other options for you to look at. 

Modern Cat Trees

Remember when I said cat trees come in all styles?  Modern cat trees can really fit in when you have a house that’s built and decorated using sleek, clean lines and interesting designs!  But just because they aren’t heavily carpeted and are not what might usually come to mind when you’re looking for a piece of cat furniture, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be just as loved and useful for your cats.

Most of them, and certainly the ones we have here all have many perches at different heights and sisal scratching posts built in so that even the most determined scratcher will have a proper place to unleash all of their destructive power.

Some of my personal favorites are the Lotus Cat Tower because of house elegant yet sturdy it is, and then the Pet Palace on the first row because man, that just looks so cool.

Cat Towers

These are a wonderful, extra tall version of your typical cat tree.  So if you have a daredevil of a feline who likes to sit up high and watch everyone go about their day, this is probably something you’ll want to consider!

Cat towers can also help if you have multiple cats who don’t always get along, giving them easy escape routes and places to hang out away from each other can go a long way to helping bring peace to your house.

A great option to look at is this cat tower from New Cat Condos!  It’s tall, VERY sturdy and built to last.  It’s made from solid wood and plush, household grade carpet.  All the comments and reviews for the this tree I’ve seen have been from happy customers reporting how well built and long lasting it is.

Someone even asked the important question on amazon about weight, seeing as they have a 20lb kitty and it has been reported that a cat of that size and weight can comfortably lay on top of this cat tower.  So, not only is this a strong tower meant to last you a good amount of time, but it’s large enough to support a larger cat as well.

If the New Cat Condos cat tower doesn’t quite match what you’re looking for, we have a large selection below here!  The Lotus Cat Tower is a pretty popular and refined choice with some great reviews as well, on the first row there.  You might also want to go check out our Cat Towers page that we have dedicated to the topic!

Small Cat Trees

If you’re in an apartment, smaller house or condo you might want to consider getting one of these smaller cat trees!  They take up far less space than other cat trees and a lot of other cat furniture and will provide your kitty with a little space of their own.  They might also help keep them from clawing at the carpet, which is a big problem, especially if the carpet isn’t yours.

Cat Condos

Next up on our list is the humble cat condo!  Cat condos are for the kitty in need of a hidey hole, but you still want them to have something they can jump onto.  Some are a little more elaborate than others, some cat trees come with cat condos attached!  And much like the cat trees above, they come in just about every imaginable style.

Modern Cat Condos

What did I say about them coming in all styles?  Just look at these cozy modern cat condos!  They come in all shapes and sizes!  Literally, just look, that one is a tube!  They are also pretty nice looking if I do say so myself, I wouldn’t mind having one of these in my house.

Cat Tree & Condo

Cat trees and condos kind of go hand in hand, if I’m being honest.  Most cat trees have some form of cat condo built in!  So, if you’re looking for a cubby for your kitty but think they’d also enjoy the high life, you might look into one of these.  They could look out the window really well from up there, which would be great enrichment for your cat!

Cat Hammocks

Who doesn’t love a hammock?  I mean, honestly, they are so relaxing and they just sort of curl around you a bit.  Your cat likes that feeling too!  They like feeling safe and cozy and a hammock can really give them that feeling.  There are a few designs to choose from too!  So lets get into it and see what comfy spots you can create for your cat!

Cat Window Hammock

Window hammocks are one of many great hammock options.  Sure, these ones aren’t quite as soft as a fabric hammock suspended by a chair (we’ll get to those, don’t worry!) but it is absolutely fantastic for the cats out there who love to sit in the window for hours and watch the world go by.  Wallowing in the sun will never be better!

Under Chair Cat Hammock

What did I tell you?  Here are some wonderful under chair cat hammocks for you guys.  These honestly look so cozy that I want to crawl into them.  I’ll just have to live vicariously through my cat for now, I suppose.  The good news with these is that you can find a cat hammock for just about any kind of chair, so if you aren’t sure any of this will work with the chairs in your house, there’s going to be an option out there for you.

Cat Beds

You know, those comfy things we set out for our kitties to get snuggly and warm in on a cold winter night?  Cat beds are a great piece of cat furniture to have in your house, even if it’s all you can fit or afford, it’s good for your kitty to have a place of their own to curl up in or retreat to when they get nervous.  There’s all kinds of cat beds too, from small little cat caves, to “yurts” and super cushy fab mini sofas of their very own.

Modern Cat Beds

Each of these modern cat beds counts as a nice little cubby for your feline friend.  They look nice and sleek but are definitely going to be really comfy for your kitty.  Plus, as modern as they are, they are still pretty compact!  So, if you are seriously looking for something to fit in a tight space, these might be something to consider!

Cat Caves

Another great option is to go for a true cave!  These felted cat caves are sure to be a big hit with your cats.  They come in all different patterns too, so you can find one to fit your decor, whatever that may be!  I’ve even seen some really crazy ones in my time, they were almost like works of art with felted flowers and leaves springing out from the top!

Cat Yurts

What did I tell you?  Cat yurts!  They exist.  I know, I was shocked too, but they are a thing!  And totally adorable.  They are just the coziest little cubbies for your kitties I just couldn’t resist.  It helps that they come in so many wonderful designs too!  Are you a Spongebob fan?  We got pineapples for you.  Do you just love Pikachu?  We got’chu.

Cat Sofas

Do you have a diva cat?  Do they need their very own sofa?  I think the answer to both of these questions is almost always “yes”.  Just ask your cat.  Some of these are more elaborate than the others, but they are all pretty fab.  Some of them are actually cardboard scratching pads and some are actual, upholstered sofas for your kitties to lounge in style.

Cat Scratching Furniture

Cat’s need to scratch, no question.  They need it.  It’s important for both their mental and physical health!  It’s instinctive and they scratch for a lot of reasons.  You really don’t want to stop them from scratching, you just want to direct them to scratch the right things!  The Humane Society talks a bit more about this here!

Cat Scratching Posts

Remember what I said about scratching being important for your cat?  Well, there are many options for letting your cat do what they need to do!  There are wonderful and strange bits of furniture like the ones above and more traditional scratching posts like the ones below!  The good news is, once again there is going to be a little something for everyone in this department, no matter where you live or what you really want.

Cat Scratching Pads

These scratching pads are yet another wonderful example of the fact that you can get something for truly any space.  You can lay these just about anywhere and provide an excellent place for your cat to scratch that isn’t off limits.  Plus, scratch pads tend to be a great spot to sprinkle some cat nip if you and your kitty are into that!

Cat Trees with Scratching Posts

If you’re looking for something with just a bit more oomph, there are lots of cat tree options out there.  Most cat trees come with SOME kind of built in sisal scratching post and quite a few have multiple, using the supporting beams as scratching posts!  Talk about double duty!

Cat Window Perches

Does your kitty just love to stare out the window? Do they pass time watching everything from birds, squirrels and skittering leaves race across the yard?  A window perch might be in order for your cat then!  Cat window perches provide a safe ledge for them to snuggle up on so that they can be super cozy while they nap in the sun or enjoy the show that the natural world offers up to them outside!

Cat Shelves

Have you even seen those really crazy cat houses?  You know, the ones where they have ramps and shelves that lead up to the ceiling and tour around the rest of the house!  Well, cat shelves like the ones below are a great way to get started on your “crazy cat lady” house.

Even if you don’t want to go quite that all out, you can use these to be a sort of “crazy cat lady lite” since they don’t have to go ALL over the house.  You can pick just a section of your wall to transform into a wonderful little playground for your cats.

Floating Cat Shelves

The name alone makes me want them, to be honest.  Floating cat shelves.  In all seriousness though, cat shelves like these are actually a great space saver, so if you’re in a smaller house or condo, or an apartment where they might let you put up shelves like these, they would be a great alternative to a bulkier cat tree while still giving your cat a pretty large play gym.  They also look pretty cool, so there’s that.

As you can see, you aren’t limited in your choices when it comes to cat furniture.  There’s a wide array of options available, whether you’re looking to conserve space, build a kitty palace or want to make sure you are meeting your cats scratching needs while save the furniture and carpet.

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