Cat Beds

Cool cat beds are one of those things that every cat owner needs plenty of. Fun, functional and inexpensive they are a great way to shower your kitty with love and beautify your home at the same time. We have one in just about every room in our home.  From a window hammock to a silly shark on family room floor our Lelu loves them all. If your kitty is like ours they’ll rotate thru each one.

So whether your tastes run to the fanciful or the practical there are bunches of cat beds for you to fill your house with. When you hear those cute little kitty snores coming from inside the kitty bed near you, you’ll be so glad you did.

Cat Beds

Cat laying in a fuzzy cat bed

To start with let’s look at an assortment of cat beds before we start getting more specific.  There are so many options it would be a shame not to look at an overview of them before we start narrowing our search down!  There are as many types of cat bed as there are cats in this world, which anyone who has had cats before can tell you is ultimately a good thing.

Cats are picky and so having as many options as possible makes it easier to find something you know your cat will enjoy.  Style, size, and material are all within your control, so if you’re looking for a cozy orthopedic bed for your older cat you can find just that.  

Here’s a great example, this OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler is great for older cats with achy joints!  Or even young cats who just need someplace extra warm and cozy to sleep.

It’s super comfy and also great if you’re worried about them being chilly.  It’s a very warm kitty bed!

There are cat tepee’s,  cat ‘yurts’ and felt cat caves that really feel pretty artsy, almost like you went down to the local craft store and decided to felt your cat an artisan cat bed.  It’s honestly pretty impressive.  But, more on the cat caves in a bit.  For now, take a peek at all these differing styles!

Modern Cat Beds

A modern bamboo bowl cat bed

One of the specific styles I wanted to cover is modern cat beds.  I personally have a soft spot for them, and we’ve also gotten a few requests for this kind of cat bed as well!  These come in a plethora of shapes, even a hanging cat bed,  so no matter exactly what “modern” means to you, there are going to be some options you will love.

I think one of my favorites is this “tunnel bed”.  It looks nice and counts as a great place to sleep or play, since your kitty can sort of dash in and out when they are having a good run!

It’s made out of nice materials, and most every review on amazon that I saw reported how much their cats enjoyed it. They also raved about how it looked really lovely in their living rooms, too.  But if you aren’t really looking for a tunnel bed, there are oodles of other options!  Lets look at them just below!

Covered Cat Beds

A cat lounging in a covered cat bed!

If your cat is more into hidey holes and private spaces, you might want to consider a covered cat bed.  They give that safe, cave-like space.  It can give them a cozy place to retreat to in your main living areas.  

Even if your cat isn’t the shy type, these are often a favorite of kitties just because they are so comfy and a really easy place to curl up when they aren’t in the mood to doze on their window perches.  Thankfully these cat beds come in a variety of styles as well!  From interesting and fashionable wicker and felted cat caves to some of the silliest covered cat beds like this shark.

Cat Caves

A kitty staring out in magical wonder from a cat cave.

And because felt cat caves are easily one of the coolest, artsiest pieces of cat furniture I’ve seen, I couldn’t leave them out off this page!  Most every felted cat cave I’ve found seems to be handmade too, which means you can really feel like you’re getting a unique piece of art as well as a place for your cat to sleep cozily.

Which they totally will, by the way.  I have no doubt.  Granted, they might not always sleep INSIDE.  I’ve seen a few pictures of cats who have decided that going on TOP of the felt cave was the optimal place to be.  It was quite the funny sight and goes to prove that cats will always find a way to do things their way.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this collection of cat beds and that you were able to find what you were looking for!  Or at least get a few good ideas of where to start!  I know cat beds can be a tricky thing to pick out for a finicky feline, but there really is something out there for everybody!  Good luck with your kitty adventures and we’ll update this page as we find more goodies!  Bye!

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