Tall Wood Cat Tree For Apartment Dwellers

This tall wood cat tree for apartment dwellers is a great solution for smaller spaces.

The Lotus cat tree is a tall wood cat tree for apartment dwellers. It will give your cat a nice big space to romp without taking up every last inch of your floor.  It’s sturdy, made to last you years with replaceable parts.  

And it’s elegant, it won’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty, shall we?  

This cat tree is a great size, despite being tall it's actual footprint is quite small.

This cat tree really is quite tall, almost 6 feet tall at 69 inches in height.  But, it’s base is as small as it can be while remaining stable enough to have cats scaling it at top speed.

The base is only 20 inches by 20 inches! So it can sit most anywhere so long as you have the vertical space for it.

The size isn’t the only reason I think this is one of the more ideal cat trees for apartments and other small spaces.  It has a little bit of everything that I find important when hunting for a cat tree.

A cat condo or more private space for them to hide in.  Somewhere for them to climb and something to use their claws on.

You can see a happy costumers cats enjoying the tall wood cat tree for apartment dwellers.  It's nestled between the couch and wall, nice and out of the way.

The cat condo is settled cozily at the bottom of the cat tree. This makes it easy access for when your cat just doesn’t feel like climbing all the way up.  It also doubles as a step up and another bed is nestled on top, faux-suede cushion and all.

Each platform heading up has a berber carpet mat that stays on with industrial strength velcro.  This makes them easy to take off and clean, or replace if you need to!

This tall wood cat tree has replaceable parts.  All of the mats and other wearable things attached to this cat tree can easily be replaced when needed.

That’s one of the big benefits of this tall wood cat tree, when a part wears down you can simply replace that piece instead of needing an entirely new tree.

And, while it might not have an actual ‘post’, it has a 20 inch long sisal scratching mat that attaches to the side of the cat tree.

It’s tall enough to let your cat have a good stretch and scratch, while still being in easy reach.

If this tall wood cat tree for apartment dwellers doesn’t quite fit for your apartment, there are plenty of other options as far as cat trees for small spaces go.  Click here to see some of them!

So, this cat tree has a safe little cubby, more than enough places to get out their need to scratch and some great height.  You know, for the times when they need to escape their siblings, be it child, dog or other kitty.

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