Eco-Friendly, Fun Modern Trapeze Cat Swing For Your Crazy Climber

This eco-friendly, modern trapeze cat swing is from Tuft + Paw.  It's perfect for the couch potato or the kitty who wants to have a fun time playing.

When you have a high flying cat, a modern trapeze cat swing like this one could be just what the doctor ordered.  

Eco-friendly, modern and contemporary in style, it’ll fit into your decor and won’t leave you feeling guilty.  You have needs, your cat has needs and you don’t want those to conflict with the environments needs.

With this, your style and daredevil cat won’t be compromised in the name of the planet.

This trapeze cat swing from Tuft + Paw (a luxury cat furniture brand) is made with everyone in mind.

It’s made from natural fibers like jute and sisal, both are sustainable and the fabric is easy for your cats to pull their claws out of without catching.

The jute fabric is machine washable (on the “delicate” setting), so it’s easy to clean when you need to.  Just make sure to let it hang to dry and you’re all set.

This makes quick work of any cat hair buildup or anything else that might make you go, “man, that needs a wash”.

You can easily use your own pillows as cushions if you want to.  If you think your cats would enjoy that better, or it might encourage use initially (because it’ll have a scent they are already used to), you can definitely use this to your advantage.

…Or you could be like me and sneak some catnip in there.

It’s strong enough to handle multiple cats lounging, enjoying and just all around having a good time in this hanging cat bed.  

So, you don’t have to worry if you have a multi-cat household, this will stand up to the test of them deciding to try roughhousing on it.

Or snuggling.  Or perhaps enjoying their own space on one of the three different levels.

Which you can easily see on Micheline Gaulin’s instagram, (they foster a lot of cats, so this thing sees some use).

And if you aren’t sure how to get your cat enjoying it at first, or just have questions about it before you buy, Tuft + Paw’s customer service has your back.

They are willing and happy to help you and your cats with whatever you guys need to be happy! And to make sure their products work the best they can for you.

It’s great for hanging in a window to help your cat see out into the world and get some much needed sunlight.  They can hang out (literally), watch the birds and relax.  

Which is pretty good if you are low on space, this is a very useful cat bed for people in apartments or small spaces because it only takes up a little bit of vertical space.  Your much needed and sometimes sparse floor will be left for other things you need.

You can see how much this kitty is enjoying their modern, trapeze cat swing.

Or not.  Maybe it’ll just make room for another piece of cat furniture.  Who knows.

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I think you can see why this modern trapeze cat swing is perfect for the cat parents with daredevil, excited felines.

It’s earth friendly, cat friendly and home friendly.

With the contemporary design, natural jute fabric that makes it easy for your cats to climb onto and off of.

Easy to clean. 

Perfect for making your cats a tall place of their own.

I hope it’s easy to see why people recommend this, and why I recommend this as well.

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