Luxury Wool Flower Shaped Felted Cat Cave

A flower shaped felted cat cave can be so, so cute and look perfect in your house while being cozy enough for your cat to have a new favorite spot.

Finding just the right cat bed can be an adventure, but this wool flower shaped felted cat cave is a real treasure. Cat caves are wonderful all around for cats! As it provides them enough cover to feel safe and cozy, without the need for them to go hide under your bed.

Let your inner need for flower power come out with this beautiful felted wool cat cave. With its petal-based design around it’s opening.

It’s so lovely you won’t have to worry about putting it into your main living space, and having them stick out like a sore thumb.

As much as you might want to get something that doesn’t have that “overstuffed, cheap cat bed” feel to it, you also want to be sure your cat will love it too.

What’s the point of getting something like this when your cat won’t even use it, right?

I have not found that to be a concern with this particular cat bed. It’s so cozy that once your cats get brave and decide to test the waters, they’ll be in love.

Hopefully, just as much as you will be.

It’s truly adorable and large enough for even large cats to be able to enjoy the snuggly den that this felted cat cave provides.

The wool this flower shaped cat cave is made with is dense enough that it easily holds its shape. So, you don’t have to worry about reshaping and fixing it constantly, even with heavy use.

Easy enough to clean with your vacuum or a lint roller to get any fur accumulation off. This makes for easy cleaning that can be incorporated into your usual routines. Whenever the need arises, at any rate!

And it comes in three different, beautiful colors. So, no matter what your prefered palette is, there is likely to be a color you’ll really enjoy.

If you are looking for something perhaps a little more modern, sleek and contemporary in style, you should go check out the other beds and modern cat furniture over here.

But, if you are totally sold on the idea of a cat cave but don’t know if this is THE ONE, boy, do I have some ideas for you here.

This wool flower shaped felted cat cave is from Tuft + Paw, which is a luxury cat furniture brand. It has a lot going for it, from how friendly it is towards cats of all sizes.

How delightful it looks, good enough to easily and stylishly fit into any living space in your house.

Warm, comfy and inviting, all your cats will be really looking forward to their time in this cat cave. Whether it’s a chilly winter night, or a warm summer where they are just wanting to curl up and enjoy some kitty “me time” for a bit.

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