Clean And Sleek: A Round Geometric Modern Cat Bed

This round geometric modern cat bed is beautifully designed to look like it's floating, while being super cozy for your cat!

This sleek, delightfully round geometric modern cat bed is the perfect example of a cat bed that doesn’t have to be super poofy or overstuffed in order to be comfy for your cat.

It has a nest-like comfort to it that lets your cat feel comfy and safe. Without looking like just another tube of stuffed fabric!

It’s made by the cat furniture brand Tuft + Paw, who makes luxury cat furniture. Like this, the MiaCara Anello.

This is the kind of pet bed that won’t stick out in your home and make you feel like you’ve given up your house to your cat. But also makes sure you are looking out for their needs too.

Because I think we all know what happens when you don’t give your cat their own things. They can start scratching furniture they shouldn’t, climbing furniture, or even drapes (especially if they are very young catlings), that are off limits.

When you give them places of their own, cat trees, shelves, beds and scratching posts, you cut down or eliminate the chance of them using your couch as their favorite place to scratch.

With its wooden ring and “weightless” appearance, this modern geometric cat bed can sit cozily on the floor. Or up on your desk and look perfectly at home.

It’ll fit cats of all sizes, so even if your kitty is on the larger side of the spectrum, they’ll be able to be nice and cozy in this bed.

If an 18 lb cat can easily enjoy this modern bed, I think even large Maine Coon’s will be all set.

It comes with a super snuggly and soft faux fur blanket to nestle into. Set it up however you think your cat will like it most and watch them cozy up and doze. For hours.

The faux fur not only looks nice, but I’ve noticed cats seem to really like it. I know when my kitty Skooma gets a hold of some faux fur (or anything extra soft and a little fluffy, really), she just has to knead it and snuggle up. Even if only for just a little while.

There is no assembly required with this bed, as you might expect. It arrives at your house, you unbox it and pick out where you want it to be! Easy and done.

It’s also very easy to clean, when you feel the need to. Just wipe off the wooden body of the bed with a damp cloth.

The blanket can be vacuumed for light and quick cleaning, and tossed in the wash on the gentle cycle. Just make sure you let it hang dry and it’s good to go again!

If you want to see more wonderful, modern luxury cat furniture, click here! There is a lot out there that’s beautiful, suitable for your cat and your sense of style.

The MiaCara Anello is a wonderful, geometric modern cat bed that can suit the needs of the largest and pickiest of kitties and cat parents out there.

With it’s sleek design, quality materials and minimal, easy maintenance it’s easy to see why this is a top pick. Especially when looking for a luxury cat bed that will make you and your cat happy for years to come.

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