Inexpensive Cat Tree For Studio Apartments

This inexpensive cat tree for studio apartments has a lot going for it.  It has a place to lounge and scratching posts to help keep your furniture and carpet from being clawed.

This is a wonderful inexpensive cat tree for studio apartments.  It’s small, snuggly and affordable. It’s sure to fit into most any small space and give your kitty something of their own to enjoy.

Giving your cat a space of their own is important, especially when that space is limited.  But, trying to force everyone to coexist without any outlet for your kitties natural energy and need to scratch, lounge and climb, is only going to end in disaster.

The specific dimensions of this inexpensive cat tree for studio apartments.

So, this cat tree from AmazonBasics can really help by giving your cat a compact space.  It’s base is only 15” x 15”, making it pretty easy to fit into most spaces.

And it’s 19” tall, so it’s easy to get into and tall enough for them to peer around.  

Just in general give them a good view of the house, y’know?

It has two jute rope scratching posts that act as supports for the cat hammock at the top.  The natural jute fibers make great scratching posts, allowing your cat to happily sink their claws into something appropriate.

Speaking of the hammock, it’s big enough for most large cats to enjoy as well.  I’d say maximum size is about 20lbs, not because the cat tree can’t hold more, but because if they are much larger than that they might not be able to comfortably fit in the hammock.

You can get a good view of the two scratching posts on this inexpensive cat tree.

That said, the small, average and most large kitties should be able to easily snuggle up and nestle into the hammock whenever they feel the need for a good cat nap.  I’ve even seen two cats snuggling in the hammock together.

It comes in two neutral colors, so that it can fit right into your home without a problem.  It comes in a lovely dark grey, and a light creamy beige.

But, if you think this cat tree isn’t quite right for your home, there are lots of other amazing cat trees for small spaces.  Click here to see those.

Well, I hope this has helped you find a nice, inexpensive cat tree for studio apartments.  It’s small but has a lot to offer, between the scratching posts and snuggly cat hammock. It’s a real hit with felines all over.

Have a good one and give your kitty some ear scritches for me!

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