Sleek Luxury Cat Shelf For Your Large Cat

This is the Freddo from Tuft + Paw, a designer brand of cat furniture.  They have made this beautiful, sleek, curved luxury cat shelf for your home and large kitties.

This is a sleek luxury cat shelf for large cats called “Freddo” from Tuft + Paw.  It’s curved, it’s elegant, it’s sturdy enough to handle big kitties.

It has a lot going for it.

Tuft + Paw makes luxury cat furniture that is high quality, modern, contemporary and oftentimes minimalist in design.  This shelf is a great example of that, and how form meets function in their cat furniture.

The chic, sleek curve of this cat shelf is also designed to make a super comfy cozy cradle for your cat to snuggle up in.

But it’s hidden bracketing system, or “floating brackets” give it that signature, modern floating shelf look.

The cushion is super luxe and cozy. Perfect for a kitty of any size to snuggle up on and enjoy themselves.  It’s also detachable from the shelf base, so you can clean it with ease.  

It’s made from quality materials as well.  The cushion is a comfy, cotton blend that is easy to clean.  Just vacuum it off for a light clean! But it is machine washable for those times when you feel like it needs a deep clean.

Just toss it in on the gentle cycle of your machine and let it hang dry.  Reattach to your shelf and it’s good as new.

The shelf itself is made from either maple or walnut wood, easy to clean with a damp cloth that you just wipe it down with whenever the need arises. 

Cat shelves tend to be low maintenance, easy to clean and there’s no need to worry about replacing them like some cat trees and scratching posts.

They are perfect whether you are in the market to make your cat a really cool and stylish kitty runway on one of the walls (or throughout) your house or you need to save some space but don’t want to sacrifice your style or your cats needs.

Walls are so underutilized, and when your cat is just craving that place of their own it’s an easy way to give it to them.

It’s fun, usually easy to do, and if you have a condo can save you a lot of space.

And, if you are really looking to make a full on cat habitat on your wall, the Freddo cat shelf has a smaller sibling that you can pair with it called the Gatto Pertica.

You can see it above and how they have similar styles, just in different shapes.  This can really help you when you are trying to keep a cohesive and sleek style throughout your home.

And, if you want to see more modern luxury cat furniture that could go with these floating cat shelves, click here.

The Freddo cat shelf from Tuft + Paw is a great example of a cat shelf that can look nice in the home and function well for you and your cat.

It can be sleek, modern and easy to clean.  Comfy for your cat(s), giving them a whole space of their own while also potentially saving you some space.

A luxury cat shelf can be for your large cat, and it doesn’t have to be hard to find.  Tuft + Paw alone has some great options to pick from. As well as other cat furniture that will both compliment the style of it, and work well for larger cats.

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