Luxurious Modern Cat Furniture For Your Large Cats

Modern cat furniture for large cats that give your cats a nice place of their own without compromising the beautiful look of your home in the process.  It can be a tall order to fill, especially if you are on the lookout for something big.

Luxury cat furniture with modern and contemporary styles, beautiful style meeting function that your cat can enjoy.  

It’s not as far fetched as it once was.  

We have high quality, well made cat furniture from the designer cat brand Tuft + Paw.  They focus on modern and minimalist cat furniture with a real flair for contemporary design.  

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And it’s all built to stand up to your big kitties needs.  Strong, durable, and made to help your cats be happy healthy overlords of the house.

Let’s look at the cat tree first!

MiaCara Torre: Modern Cat Tree Furniture

The MiaCara Torre is modern cat furniture for your large cat.  It's luxury cat furniture from Tuft+Paw, who have made a delightful and beautiful cat tree.

This is a perfect example of beautiful, modern cat furniture for large cats.  With it’s lovely elegant design to make both you and your cat happy, materials that will last and ease of cleaning.

It’s sleek, rounded style gives it a contemporary style that adds a little extra something to any room while being stable enough to handle cats of any size and weight.  The solid base plate at the bottom really helps with that.

The two curved panels give this piece of cat furniture a cozy inner space for your cat to curl up in.  Cat’s like feeling secure and like they have a little den of their own, and this helps provide that.

One of them has designer felt covering it, making it into the ideal climbing wall, scratching post or just a good place to stretch for your kitty.

Because of how the felt functions, you shouldn’t need to replace it either.  It doesn’t shred or pull easily like other fabrics, or even sisal.

And it looks great too. 

This modern cat tree is sized perfectly for the Lana Cushion to fit perfectly in for super snuggly soft cat naps.

The Torre modern cat tree comes in two sizes, a large and a small.  This makes it easy to fit this cat tree into any space you happen to have.

Or, if you like the first one you get, you can get the one you didn’t and have a beautiful matching set for your house and your cat.

And it comes in three, chic colors.  A beige ash wood with grey felt, a white ash wood with grey felt, and then black ash with black felt.

Trapeze Swing: Modern Cat Furniture in SWING Form!

The Trapeze Swing is a wonderful piece of modern cat furniture for large cats.

The trapeze swing is a delightful, fun, stylish hanging cat tree that works perfectly for cats of all sizes.

Large 20 lb Maine Coon or small 3 month old kitten, they will surely find something to enjoy in this cat swing. 

It’s got a comfy, cozy look to it without being covered in carpet or feeling clunky in your home.  With its modern, yet still cushy feel makes it welcoming for your cats and a fun conversation piece in your home.

It’s made from natural jute and sisal fibers.  The jute fabric makes it harder for your cats to catch their nails on it when they aren’t … well, you know attempting to climb all over it in every way possible.

This is machine washable, so long as it’s on it’s delicate setting.  So it is super easy to clean, you don’t have to worry when it inevitably gets covered in cat hair.

Freddo: Minimalist, Curved Cat Shelf

The Freddo is a modern, minimalist cat shelf from Tuft + Paw that really aims to be minimalist, yet comfortable for your large cats.

If your cat loves to be up high, you don’t have a lot of space but value style, or are just hellbent on building your own sleek and luxurious kitty runway, the Freddo is a wonderful cat shelf that is perfect for large cats.

It’s long, with enough space for them to stretch out.  It’s curved design makes a cozy bowl for your cat to curl up in or sit and nestle into.  

The floating brackets make it so that this cat shelf looks like it is… Well, floating on your wall, as the name of the brackets suggests.

The cushions are a comfy, long lasting cotton blend that can be easily taken off the cat shelf itself for cleaning.  

Another reason this modern cat shelf is so sturdy and high quality is that the shelf itself is made from solid wood, being made from either walnut or maple wood.

And it comes in two colors, with a lovely fresh white color or pyrite grey.

Choco Tent: Cute Cat Tent Gone Modern & STRONG

The Choco Tent is a minimalist, high quality version of all those cute cat tents you see floating around online (and sometimes in stores).  It's modern, sleek and even large cats can fit in it and get comfy.

The Choco tent is the refined, luxury version of all those cute cat tents you see on amazon and in the pet stores.

I often find myself thinking about how cute they are, but being unsure of their longevity in a house with a periodically rowdy 2 year old kitty (aka my Skooma cat).  

But I don’t worry about that with this particular piece of modern cat furniture.  It’s big enough for large cats to get in and curl up in and be all happy and snuggly.

The materials it’s made from are sturdy and are sure to last you.  It’s made from strong cotton fabric and thick wooden supports. And comes with a cozy cushion for inside the tent itself!

The base of this tent is made from wood as well, and it’s slightly domed to give your cat that extra cozy feeling you get when snuggling up in a bowl-like chair.

Like a papasan is for us!

And it comes in several wonderful colors.  (See below!)

MiaCara Anello: Geometric, Modern Cat Bed

The MiaCara Anello from Tuft + Paw is the perfect modern cat bed.  It's sleek, geometric, minimalist design is beautiful and comfortable for your big kitty.

The MiaCara Anello is a beautiful example of a modern cat bed that doesn’t have to be some overstuffed fabric to be comfy for your big cat.

This is a round, geometric cat bed with a luxurious, cozy fluffy faux fur pillow.  The wooden ring that makes up the walls of this cat bed almost has a floating appearance because of the slim yet strong, metal feet that support this bed.

And, if an 18 lb York Cat can fit into this bed, I think most large cats can comfortably snuggle up in here and enjoy themselves.

To top it off there is no assembly required with this cat bed (to be fair, it’s hard to imagine what you might have to assemble with it).  It comes in one piece, shipped to your door safe and sound.

Cocoon: Beautiful Flower-Inspired Felted Cat Bed

The Cocoon is a flower inspired felted cat cave with modern and minimalist flair.

Now, this piece of modern cat furniture for large cats is a super cozy bed that your kitty can truly curl up in. It’s called the Cocoon!

The design is beautiful with it’s almost petal-like appearance.  The detailing around the opening is what gives this piece a flowery appearance, but the beautiful look doesn’t take away from it’s function.

It might even be easy for a guest to mistake this modern cat cave for a cute little decorative basket only to have your kitty emerge to say hello!

It’s a felted cat cave, made 100% from wool, so that it’s strong enough to hold its shape even after heavy use.

And it comes in three, stylish colors.  

The Cocoon in Winter Gray
The Cocoon in Volcanic Gray
The Cocoon in Italian Plum

Rifiuti: Modern Mid-Century Cat Litter Box Furniture

This is the Rifiuti, a modern, mid-century inspired litter box furniture.  It's a safe place for your cats to go that helps control litter scattering and looks so good your guests will never guess that a litter box is hiding inside.

And now, last but certainly not least on the list of delightful modern cat furniture for large cats…  Is this piece of cat litter box furniture.

Cat litterbox furniture is designed to hide your litter box away, giving your cats a safe place to do their business that also looks nice in your home.  

It opens up easily so that you can access the litter box inside to clean, so there’s never any added hassle.  

And because it looks similar to any other cabinet or side table, no one will ever guess what it’s actually used for until you tell them.  

It easily will hold your potted plants, books, pretty knickknacks or … well, anything else you might put on a table on top, so you can really incorporate it into your home.

The opening is big enough for a cat of any size to fit through, so you have nothing to worry about with your large cat.

As you can see, there are a lot of options for your cat and your home that don’t compromise your house and it’s lovely, sleek aesthetic.  

Modern cat furniture for large cats is accessible, and comes in all shapes and forms for you to enjoy.  The kind of stuff that will make any guest go “wait, that’s for the cat?” while still being FUNCTIONAL for your cat.

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