Modern Luxury Litter Box Furniture No One Will Guess Is For Your Cat

Modern luxury litter box furniture can help manage litter scattering, smell, and the general aesthetic.  You no longer have to worry about having an ugly litter box out in your home.

If you are looking for a way to disguise your litter box, you might be looking for a piece of modern luxury litter box furniture. Something that you can set up, put your litter box in, and know that your cat will have a place to go.

Someplace to go that will help contain the litter that they inevitably drag around. And keep there from being a big ugly litter box in the middle of your room!

Your cats will feel safe and secure using this as their very own little restroom. The slatted horizontal striped wood means that you don’t have to worry about proper ventilation for your cat either.

The latch on this means that it opens easily! So you can get at your litter box to clean it out with ease. There’s extra room for some storage, so you can keep some of your kitties supplies right there.

With the luxurious design of this cat litter box furniture, no one will be able to guess that it’s actually something for your cat rather than an elegant, modern side table.

It’s set up so you can easily turn it into everyday, useful furniture you’d normally have around your house. You can keep beautiful decorations on it, houseplants, books.

Whatever works best for your home and how you like to decorate your home.

This is perfect whether you are keeping your litter box in your bathroom, or out in the main living space like Jackson Galaxy recommends. Keeping your litter box in your living room (or wherever you and your cat hang out) gives them a “home base” to feel safe in.

Since scent is such an important part of that for cats, even if you can’t smell it, they can. And it helps them feel like “this is my home too”.

You can easily give them that feeling using this, without sacrificing your home in the process.

This is also a great solution if you have an apartment. You always want your furniture to have multiple functions in a small space, and this definitely fits that definition!

If you like the idea of this and want to see more modern, luxury and designer cat furniture for your home, click here!

This modern luxury litter box furniture is something no one will see coming. When you have company, it’ll just be yet another piece of lovely furniture in your house.

Your cats will be happy to have a safe place to go to the bathroom with plenty of ventilation. And it’ll make you extra happy because you won’t have to sweep up nearly as much litter!

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