Elegant Wooden Cat Tree For Large Cats

Finding an elegant wooden cat tree for large cats can really cut down on costs in the long run.

I know finding an elegant wooden cat tree for large cats can be a tricky affair.  Cat furniture used to be all carpet covered and feel like it belongs in a 70’s shag carpet apartment.  Not that that’s bad, exactly, but it doesn’t really fit in with most modern homes.

It gets harder when you have a cat that’s anything about 10 lbs.  Companies seem to think everyone has a kitten forever, and so their cat trees aren’t made to withstand the crazy cat romping of a bigger kitty.  Thankfully, this is not one of those cat trees.

An elegant wood cat tree can be an excellent conversation piece in your home, it's a great example of form and function for the large cats in your life.

This is the Lotus Tower from the Refined Feline and it’s got a great look to it.

It can fit into lovely classic and timelessly decorated homes, but it also wouldn’t look out of place if you prefer a modern and minimalist look to your furniture.

It’s 69” tall, with a 20” x 20” base, meaning it’s really great if your cat is a daredevil who just loves to climb high and watch the world go by.  It has enough space that if you have multiple cats, they can all carve out a spot for themselves on it too.

The Lotus is made from strong bent ply, with an oak veneer to finish it off.  The Refined Feline designed this elegant wooden cat tree for large cats to last.

It comes with multiple berber carpet scratching pads, they attach via velcro on each platform, and there’s a 20” scratching pad on the side of the tower itself so that your cat can get a real good stretch while they are maintaining their claws.

And, since they attach with velcro, that means they come off easily for cleaning as well. Just like the “carpet” on this modern minimalist cat tree. Psst… it’s also really great for large cats and multi cat homes!

One of the other benefits of buying this cat tower is that it’s the kind of piece that could really last a lifetime.

You aren’t investing in a cat tree that you are going to have to replace in a year after your cat has worn it down and the carpet is shredded, this is a cat tree that’s intended to stay in your home with your cats for as long as you need it.

The berber carpet pads are even replaceable, so when your cat inevitably shreds the scratcher, you can replace just that piece instead of having to get an entirely new bit of cat furniture.

And, if you want to take your space just a bit further and really encourage your cats to climb and explore, give them a space they can call their own, The Refined Feline has matching cat shelves.  You can have a cohesively designed space that also functions for you and your cat.

We also have a bunch of other sturdy cat shelves for large cats over here that we have reviewed, if you want to see more and shop around a bit before deciding on what you and is best for your cat.

I hope this was helpful in your search for an elegant wooden cat tree for large cats.  There are a surprising lack of easy to see options out there sometimes, but I think this really fits the bill and I really like it for how easy it is to keep clean and how stylish it is.

It’s a great option for those with big cats and a specific aesthetic in mind, it’s a piece that will last you and your cat a long time. Have a great day and pet your kitty for me!

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