Strong Non-carpeted Cat Tree For Large Cats

A strong non-carpeted cat tree for large cats can be what the doctor ordered when it comes to finding ways to catify your space.

A strong non-carpeted cat tree for large cats is just what the doctor ordered when you have a big cat.  Especially if your cat has even a moderate amount of energy that they need to get out, and I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a cat who doesn’t enjoy or want to climb at least a little.

Since climbing is an essential part of owning a cat as it’s important to their health, but we often don’t want them climbing the curtains and counters.  We make offerings of boxes and cat furniture.

Cats like to climb around and leap from place to place, but to do it properly (and not claw up your furniture) they need safe, sturdy cat trees.

When you have a large cat, you need something extra strong and sturdy, that won’t fall over when they take a great leap, which is one reason why I really like this cat tree.

It’s made from CARB certified particle board, which keeps costs down while still making for a quality cat tree.

It’s got a good weight to it, about 70 lbs, which really helps to keep it stable and steady even on carpeted floors.

And speaking of carpet, this cat tree isn’t covered in any.  It’s wood finish both helps make it look more modern and fit in with your decor, while also making it much easier to clean. 

Wood cat trees tend to take less maintenance than your traditional carpeted cat trees, since all you really have to do is dust them off, maybe wipe them clean with a damp cloth every now and then.

This strong non-carpeted cat tree features soft wool pads and a bed on the top that are removable fore easy cleaning while still giving your kitty a cozy place to sleep.

The soft plush pads and cat bed are all removable as well, making cleaning them a breeze as well.

They attach to the cat tree using velcro, so you can just peel them off, toss them in the wash and then reattach them once they are dry.

It’s nice and tall too, so if you have a cat who really enjoys getting to the top of whatever high surface they can, they’ll probably enjoy this.

It’s 54” tall at its highest point, so it’s not a 6’ monster, but it’s got some great height to it. It’d be great by your window or against a wall, maybe you already have some cat shelves, this could be a way for your cat to get to them other than the couch.

Or, if you really wanted to go crazy cat lady, you could combine it with another, similarly styled cat tree and make a monster tree for your cats to enjoy.

There was only one con that I and other people noted with this cat tree.  It has these little rubber feet that go on the bottom of the cat tree, and the holes for it are not pre-drilled.  And while it wasn’t a big deal to do it, it’s still something to note.

All that said, if you aren’t quite into this cat tree, or just want to see other options for some really cool and sturdy cat trees for large cats, we have been compiling a list and reviewing them over here.

So, as far as a strong non-carpeted cat tree for large cats go, this one is pretty good.  It’s easy to clean, very sturdy and stylish. It wouldn’t look out of place in a modern home.  I hope this was helpful and you were able to make progress on your search for the perfect cat tree.  Have a great one!

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