Luxury Minimalist Cat Tree Perfect For Multi-Cat Homes

This Luxury minimalist cat tree, perfect for multi-cat homes is amazing for those with a specific aesthetic in mind, who want to give their cats the best kitty furniture possible.

This is a luxury minimalist cat tree, perfect for multi-cat homes.  It’s tall, has multiple areas for your cats to enjoy lounging on, a carpeted ramp and pole for climbing and scratching.

The Milo cat tree from Tuft+Paw is a luxury minimalist cat tree, with multi-cat households in mind.

Top notch materials and intelligent design mean this cat tree is made so you can clean it easily. And last you for a lifetime of use and kitty fun.

This is the Milo cat tree from Tuft + Paw a designer cat furniture brand. They specialize in making the best quality, minimalist and modern cat furniture that they can.

So no matter what you need for your cat, you can get it in style and know it’ll last.

Unlike some cheaper cat trees that almost feel disposable with heavy use.

Some of the key features of this cat tree include a carpeted ramp, climbing pole, crystal hammock at the top of the tree and multiple perches.  And to top it off, it’s tall.

Crystal Hammock

Nice and tall.  It’s 62”, making it a great height for the daredevil feline in your life. And big enough that every cat can safely have their own spot to snuggle up on.

The Milo needs a bit of space to be set up properly, but it isn’t monstrous like some cat castles I’ve seen (like this one for example).

It’s full measurements are 62” tall x 53” wide x 15” deep.

So, while this might not be optimal for a studio apartment, the Milo will be fine in most households.  

It has 4 total platforms. Each one is placed to make the top of the cat tree easily accessible for when your cats are feeling super lazy.

Then there’s the cat ramp, which goes almost to the top of the tree.

It’s the perfect scratching spot or place to climb their way to the top when your cat is feeling a little extra frisky.  

The corners on this cat tree are also all rounded for extra safety for your kitty or any kids running around.

I think we all know the pain of ramming into the sharp corner of a desk! So, Tuft+Paw made sure that is not a concern with this cat tree, even without the carpet cushion most other cat furniture sports.

This luxury minimalist cat tree is made from birch plywood and UV coating, making it very strong and super easy for you to clean.  A damp cloth is all that’s required to keep this cat tree in working order.

Easy to remove carpet pads are part of what make this minimalist, designer cat tree so wonderful and easy to maintain.

The carpet pads that cover the platforms on the Milo velcro on for easy removal.  So that you can more easily wipe down the tree or vacuum off the pads when need be.

So, as you can see the Milo is a wonderful luxury minimalist cat tree that’s really perfect for multi-cat homes.  It’s a large enough size that all your cats can enjoy it, without it taking up your entire house.

? It’s minimalist and modern design make it a really beautiful statement piece for your house, that both you and your cat can enjoy.

With all that said, if you want to see some other, perhaps more traditional options for tall cat trees that large cats, or multiple cats can easily enjoy, click here!

So, it’s super easy for you to clean because it’s not fully carpeted! And what carpet it does have only attaches to the platforms and comes off for ease of cleaning.

It’s got lots of cool features that make both lazy cats and hyper cats happy.  From the ramp and climbing pole to the hammock, there’s a spot for everyone.

I hope this was helpful and that it helped you find what you need for you and your kitty!  Have a good day and give them some pets for me!

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