Designer White Cat Tree Ramp And Hammock

This designer white cat tree with a ramp and hammock is super cool and very strong.  It's well made and a great way to bring out the diva in your large cat.

Sometimes we just have to unleash our inner crazy cat lady and diva all at once, and that’s where this designer white cat tree with a ramp and hammock comes into play.  It’s amazingly cool, really functional and could just about fit into any modern and minimalist decor scheme you could have.

It has several great features that make it perfect for a multi-cat household or a house with large cats.  It’s made from birch plywood and a white UV coating, making it very strong, and it’s design helps to ensure it’s stability.

It has a carpet covered ramp for cats to scale, claw, run up and down and play on.  The ramp itself goes up 42”, so it’s not to tall for most cats to leap and climb up.

There’s also a carpet covered climbing pole, it’s another way for cats to make their way up this cat tree.  They can climb right up it like it were the trunk of a tree and have a grand old time.

It’s a wonderful way for cats to exercise in a way that they might naturally if they were outside, without you having to worry about them actually going outside.

But, if you have slightly less acrobatic cats in your home, they won’t feel out of place or be left out, the center portion of this designer cat tree has platforms spaced evenly apart so that older cats or cats who are just less inclined towards crazy feats of skill can still make it to the cozy top of the tree.

Where there is a crystal cat hammock awaiting them.  Yup, you heard me. A Crystal Cat Hammock! Though to be honest, it looks more like a cat bowl to me.

Cats love to lounge in hammocks and cat bowls.  Cat trees for large cats can come with good sized cat hammocks.

I told you this was a designer cat tree for the diva in you and your cat, didn’t I?

? Psst! Check this out if your kitty prefers a hanging cat hammock.

It’s situated at the very top of this 63” cat tree so that your cat can lounge in style, look out at the world and enjoy the view.

And each step is covered in that same carpet so that they don’t slip while they are climbing to the top.

The carpet is removable, it velcros on so that it can come off for ease of cleaning. Which, you do simply by taking a damp cloth and wiping down the hard surfaces.  The fabric ones you can lint roll or vacuum off.

Removable carpet pads on a wood cat tree make for super easy cleanup.
Removable carpet pads on a wood cat tree make for super easy cleanup.

This is a serious case of you get what you pay for, and what you are getting with this is a piece of cat furniture that is designed to last you and your cat a lifetime.

>>> Need something with a smaller footprint? Check out this elegant designer all wood cat tree for large cats (or multi-cat homes).

It’s here to give you and your cat everything they need to have fun, play around, lounge and just all around have a space of their own (and also save your couch in the process).

With cheaper, more traditional carpet covered cat trees, you can be looking to replace those up to once a year sometimes, depending on the activity levels of your cats.

At around $100 a pop, that adds up. And that’s not taking into account the stability of those cat trees when you have a 15-20 lbs young cat tearing it up.

So, even if you are spending more in the short term, over your cats 15-20 year lifespan, if you kept up buying cat trees for them every year, or every other year, you’ll end up saving money.  And look good doing it.

But, if all that doesn’t have you leaping to buy it or it really is just out of your price range and you want to shop around a bit, we have other sturdy cat trees over here that you can have a look at!

So, to sum up, this designer white cat tree with a ramp and hammock has a little bit of everything at the end of the day.  It has a ramp to climb up and their very own climbing pole.

A cat hammock and more simple stairs for older cats to make their way to the top with.  It’s easy to clean, has removable carpet and simple assembly!

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