Carpeted Short Cat Tree With Sisal Scratcher

Carpeted Short Cat Tree With Sisal Scratcher
Wow! Color options galore available for this cat tree. Click the image to find the right shade to compliment your home decor!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

If you’re squeezed for space this carpeted short cat tree with sisal scratcher will make you and your cats happy campers. It’s low profile is perfect for anyone living with cats in a small space.

This small kitty tower is super stable because it’s made out of solid wood and has a nice heft to it. No cardboard posts here.

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But getting back to the item pictured above… it’s covered in high quality household carpet means that every inch of it is both durable and comfy for your kitty.

No Assembly Required.
Ready To Use Right Out Of The Box!

This item combines a cat tree, cat bed and cat scratching post into one sturdy and inexpensive package.

It’s only 24 inches tall so it’ll fit in a lot of tight spaces. For example, one happy customer purchased this for her kitties when they travel wither her in their RV!

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Aside from it’s compact size the thing we like best about this cat tree is the quality of construction. Made with all solid wood, unoiled sisal rope and carpet you’d be happy to have in your home.

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