Flower Cat Tree Condo With Bed Bowl

Flower Cat Tree Condo With Bed Bowl
We LOVE this flower cat tree. In addition to being super cute it’s made with recycled paper rope. So it’s very sturdy and eco friendly!
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You don’t want to miss this flower cat tree condo with bed bowl on top. It’s as much a work of art as a piece of cat furniture.

Stylishly woven from super strong recycled paper rope this tulip shaped pet furniture is made to last. For example, one customer tells us she had stools made out of this stuff that lasted 20 years!

The post is tightly wrapped with sisal rope so your kitty will be able to sharpen their nails.

Perfect Size For Small Spaces!

Anyone looking for an attractive cat tree that will be fun for your cats and a conversation piece with your friends will love this item.

It’s on the smaller side so it won’t overwhelm a room. Yet, it is tall enough to be a delightful perch for your cats when they want to bird watch out the window.

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We love that the bed basket on top looks a lot like a tulip opening up and the condo down below is it’s bulb. So cute. A super cool flower shaped cat tree.

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