Door Mounted Cat Tree For Small Spaces

Door Mounted Cat Tree For Small Spaces
A Spring Loaded Cat Tree That Mounts To Your Door?
What Will They Think Of Next?
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Check out this door mounted cat tree for small spaces. Why didn’t someone think of this before now? Would have loved to have something like this back when I needed to move almost yearly.

Ok, this is a kitty tower that attaches to one of your interior doors with spring loaded hooks that slip over the top and bottom of the door.

It has four offset carpet covered platforms and a sisal wrapped back or main post. Great for scratching or climbing.

Fits On Virtually Any Door 79″ to 82″ Tall!

This is great for renters because it’s light weight, easy to pack and move. It also doesn’t require any holes in your walls like a cat shelving system does.

And for folks living in small spaces this is great because it doesn’t suck up any of your precious floor space!

We love how innovative this pet product is. It gives you a nearly floor to ceiling cat tree without any worry about damage to your ceiling or floors. Also, customers have had great success adapting and anchoring it to their walls. Turning it into a featured part of their cat shelve system.

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