4 Tier Solid Wood 65” Cat Tree

This 4 tier solid wood 65" cat tree really can make the perfect piece of cat furniture for multi-cat homes or large cats.  Large cat furniture, cat trees for large cats.

This 4 tier solid wood 65” cat tree from New Cat Condos is a gem.  It’s affordable, made with all quality materials, it’s a great size for a large cat who likes to climb and it’s all made in the U.S.A.

The cat tree is designed to be easily accessible to your cats, with perches arranged in a stair step pattern.  So, if you have an older cat or maybe just a cat who’s not quite as agile as others, this is a great option for them. 

So, this cat tree is made from solid wood, similar to the kind of wood used to make your house.

It’s handcrafted with care and covered in house grade carpet, to help up it’s durability over time.

No one wants a ratty looking cat tree after only a couple months of scratching and climbing. And this is all handled right in the United States.  If, like me, you are in the U.S this is a big plus!

I really love supporting companies within the states, and these guys are no exception.  They’ve been around for awhile too. They started in 1983 and have been making and supplying cat furniture ever since.

Another quality material they use in their cat tree creation is unoiled sisal rope, so you know it isn’t toxic to your cat (or other pets).

If you have a high climbing daredevil of a big cat, this cat tree also offers great height.  It’s 65” tall at its highest point, making it as tall as I am!

And I’m 5’4”, for the record.  Each of its steps are also configured to be used as a bed, making this work well as a cat tree for multi-cat households too.

Every cat can carve out a little space for themselves that way.

This 4 tier solid wood 65” cat tree comes in 3 different colors as well, each of them is a more neutral tone to help ensure that it fits in with your home decor as easily as possible.

The first color is the beige featured above. The second is a light brown color and the third is a “neutral” color.

New Cat Condos also works really hard to make sure that assembly is as easy as possible.  With some of their smaller cat trees, there isn’t even any assembly required. And with bigger ones like what we’re talking about today, it’s very minimal and very simple.

Now, because this cat tree is made from solid wood, that means that this piece of furniture is heavy.  Around 55 lbs worth of heavy.

So, individual pieces will have some heft to them while you assemble, I think most people will be able to handle assembly on their own, but if you can’t lift heavier things, I’d recommend having a buddy help you out.

That said, it should only take a little bit to do, and then you and your partner in crime can enjoy watching the cats go crazy while you sip on some wine.

Here is a video directly from New Cat Condos showing this cat tree, it’s great if you want a slightly closer look at it, as well as hear them talk about their cat trees themselves. I know the video is a little stiff, but, company videos tend to be and it’s still a great way to see what their tree looks like!

But, if you aren’t convinced this is the cat tree for you, we have a few other sturdy cat trees for large cats over here.  There’s a variety of options out there for you, there are even some non-carpeted ones, including these super sleek modern ones, if you aren’t wanting to deal with cleaning carpet on your cat tree.

To sum up, this cat tree is made from solid wood and house grade carpet.  It’s made right here in the U.S.A and is designed to require as little assembly as possible and untippable (or as untippable as anything can be).  It’s hefty, so be prepared to lift some heavier pieces when putting this together, but this helps keep it stable.

It comes in multiple colors and is great for the heights loving feline in your life.  I hope this was helpful and that you have a great day, good luck catifying your space!

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