The MiaCara Torre Modern Cat Tree

The MiaCara Torre is a modern cat tree for those out there looking for something stylish, functional, but definitely isn't your normal piece of cat furniture.

The MiaCara Torre, modern cat tree from Tuft + Paw is a beautiful that is sure to satisfy the pickiest of kitties.

And the pickiest of cat parents too.  It’s got that chic, luxury cat tree design while still being completely cozy and functional for your cat.

The Lana Cushion displayed with the cat tree here fits perfectly in the circular areas.

The rounded, contemporary style is made to add to any house it enters.  It’s not your typical cat tree, with 70’s feeling carpet that’s bound to get scratched up and need replacing in a year.

While, that’s not a terrible thing and they definitely serve their purpose, they do NOTHING for your house.

And can sometimes cost a lot more in the long run, just because of how often you’ll be replacing a cat tree like that.

And it’s not modern, sleek or luxe at all.

This cat tree from Tuft + Paw won’t need to be replaced or worried about.  It has two curved panels surrounding a solid base plate that ensures stability.  So even large cats can enjoy it with ease.

One of those plates is covered in a designer felt that won’t need replacing.  It doesn’t shred like sisal or carpet, but still gives your cat a place to stretch on, climb, or scratch.  Which, as just about any cat parent knows, is important.

The MiaCara Torre cat tree is wonderful because it can blend right into your decor.  It won't feel gaudy, dated, or cheap.  It's a luxury cat tree that your cat will surely appreciate.

If you want your furniture to stay off the figurative table as a scratching post, you gotta provide them with something that is theirs. Something that’s acceptable to scratch.

And this 100% provides that without looking cheap, or getting ratty after a couple months of use.

With how graceful this piece looks, the Torre could easily be mistaken for normal furniture by a guest.  

They’ll surely be surprised to find out it’s actually a cat tree and not some kind of modern contemporary side table.  No, instead it’s built with your cat in mind.  

? FYI! Here’s some lovely luxury litter box furniture to go with your beautifully crafted cat tree.  Your guest will never know it’s a litter box. Honest!

With a large and a small size, one of them is sure to fit your needs.  Or, perhaps both of them, as they make a very nice set that will look good and form a cohesive look in your home.  Just like this customer did.

And as you can see, their customer support is amazing too, whenever you have questions before or after buying, they are there to help you decide if it’s right for you.

I’ve seen more than a few customers who have gone to Tuft + Paws customer service with questions. Both before and after purchasing! And found that they were wonderfully helpful for finding the product right for them. Not only that but also tips and help for getting their cats to use the furniture.

If you wanna see more amazing modern cat furniture, other than this cat tree, click here!

I hope this helped you find something you like and that the MiaCara Torre modern cat tree is something you can consider.  

It’s phenomenal quality and sleek, graceful, modern appearance is perfect for your home if you are looking to find a piece of modern cat furniture that fits right in.  It is not, and never will be an eyesore.

Cats large and small can climb, relax and stretch on this.  Putting it by a window, next to your couch, in the living room or your master bedroom, you, your cat and your guests will love it.

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