Sturdy Adjustable Beige Carpeted Cat Tree

This sturdy adjustable beige carpeted cat tree is a great choice when you are looking for cat furniture for large cats.

This is a delightful sturdy adjustable beige carpeted cat tree from Feandrea.  Since it’s adjustable, you can easily customize it to fit wherever you need in your home, or be whatever configuration your cat likes best.  Finding the best option for you and your kitty really is the name of the game when it comes to picking out cat trees.

It can be a long process of research to find one, especially when you have a large cat.  It’s hard to find cat furniture built with heavier cats in mind. That’s one reason I like Feandrea cat trees, they always seem to keep that in mind when designing their cat trees.

This sturdy cat tree is a great size too, not overly tall but also not short, it’s in what I like to call the “Goldilocks Zone” for cat trees if you are someone wanting a little more size than those really short ones that are practically just a hammock, but don’t want to deal with something that’s literally 6 feet tall.

It’s 44” tall at its highest point, making it the ideal height for lounging in front of a window.  It’s base is 27” x 23”, giving it a stable grounding. This cat tree is very tip resistant, I haven’t seen anyone have any problems with it toppling over.

Another lovely thing about this sturdy adjustable beige carpeted cat tree is it’s support posts, they are covered in thick natural sisal rope, and they themselves are also thicker than normal.  They are 4.4” in diameter.

A sturdy adjustable beige carpeted cat tree can be what the doctor ordered when you are trying to figure out how to catify your space.

It can be set up in a few different configurations.

You can have the two movable base plates pushed together to make one, more boxy cat tree that will sit nicely in a corner as needed, those plates can also swivel out into an L shape, on either side to give your cat’s a slightly wider romping area.

Here are the four main configurations that you can set this customizable cat tree up in.
Here are the four main configurations that you can set this customizable cat tree up in.

You could also turn the base plates both out so that you have one long cat tree for your cats to climb up on.

It comes in two different colors of plush carpet.  Both are neutral to ensure they go with your decor as well.  You have the beige featured above, but they also have a light grey.

And if you want even more versatility you could add one or two of these large cat trees to the mix to make a truly spectacular cat play room! If you do, please be sure to send us pictures of your setup.

Getting back to this adjustable cat tree here… It’s made from strong premium CARB-certified particle board, they use this to ensure the strength of your cat tree while helping to keep costs down.  Cat trees can get expensive, and while they can be worth the price, sometimes you really just need something that works well on your budget.

Note: CARB stands for California Clean Air Board. It is clean air agency of the Government of California. If you want to learn more, click here.

If this cat tree doesn’t quite float your boat though, but you still need a really sturdy cat tree for your large cat, we’ve actually compiled a list that we’re going to keep updating as we find more that fit the bill.  Check that out over here!

I hope this was helpful and you were able to find what you were looking for, and if not you were able to get an idea of the kinds of things available.  Because there is really a lot more out there than people think. Have a good one!

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