Solid Wood Cheap Cat Wall Shelf

This solid wood cheap cat wall shelf is handcrafted and sure to go beautifully with your home decor.

This solid wood cheap cat wall shelf is from CatastrophiCreations, a small but amazing cat shelf manufacturer! This cat shelf is pretty cool and I’ll tell you all the reasons why I think it might be good for you and your kitty, as well as any reasons it might not be.

Made from solid wood with metal brackets, this shelf is incredibly strong. No matter how big your cat is (assuming you don’t have a literal tiger), this shelf isn’t going anywhere. It’s been tested to hold up to 85 lbs, so even if your kitty takes a great leap onto or off of this shelf, you know it’s safe.

This is a solid wood cheap cat wall shelf that is a little on the small side, but it's strong and can work as a cat step if you want it to!

Just make sure you follow the instructions given with this shelf, and you’ll get a sturdy product.

Now, this shelf isn’t the biggest in the world. It’s 12″ across and and 9″ deep. So, it’s definitely big enough for an average or smaller kitty to snuggle up on, but if you have a larger cat, you might want to consider another shelf if you are on the lookout for a premium sleeping spot.

That’s not to say that this cat wall shelf doesn’t have other applications if you do have a large cat, if you were wanting to make a crazy kitty play space and go all out, these make amazing steps up to high ground.

It comes in two different colors too, the first being a lovely english chestnut, which has a lovely classic feel to it. The second color is a dark onyx finish, which has a slightly more modern flair to it in my opinion.

Each shelf is going to have it’s own unique look as well, since these are made from solid wood. You’ll see the lovely wood grain in each shelf you get. Plus, it’s handcrafted here in the U.S from solid pine.

One great thing about this shelf and the brand associated with it (if you wanna learn more about them and our other favorite brands go here), is that they have so many other cat shelves that you can pick from to expand your cat wall if you want to.

Like the hammocks and raceways featured above, they are styled to compliment each other and come in the same variety of stains, some even coming in a few other colors as well.

But, if you aren’t feeling it on this solid wood cheap cat wall shelf and want some other affordable or cheap cat wall shelves, we’ve compiled a list that we are always growing over here.

To sum up this shelf, it’s incredibly strong and will hold up to all the abuse your cat will put it through. It’s a little small though, so only use it for a snuggle spot if you have a smaller cat, or as more of a cat stair up to a high place if you have a larger feline.

It comes in two different but lovely stains, and it’s handcrafted from solid pine wood. It has the perk of there being all manner of different pieces for it to go with from the same company as well, and it’s very affordable.

I hope we were able to help you find what you were looking for, have a lovely day!

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