Handmade Cheap Cat Wall Shelf Hammock

A handmade cheat cat wall shelf hammock is a great solution to busy kitties and clawed couches.

If you are looking for something affordable for your cat to snooze on up high, this handmade cheap cat wall shelf hammock is way up there on my list of things to consider. It’s from CatastrophiCreations, a small company who specialize in making cat shelves.

Some very strong cat shelves, actually. This cat hammock is rated to hold up to 85 lbs, so it is super sturdy and is sure to hold up to even the busiest cats roughhousing.

This cat hammock is a pretty decent and cozy size too, it’s overall length is 18″ wide, with the hammock section being 16″, and 11″ deep.

So, it’s the perfect size for small and average sized kitties, but it might be a little tight if you have a bigger cat. With that said, you know your cat best and some cats really love snug spaces, so this might actually be a bonus for you and the bigger kitties out there.

The hammock is made from heavy canvas fabric, that’s easy to clean while being strong enough to hold up to cats leaping around on it and sleeping snuggled up for hours on end.

It comes in two different finishes. English chestnut and onyx. Both are lovely colors, with the chestnut being a really pretty, classic look and the onyx having a slightly more modern feel to it.

The wooden supports for this hammock are solid pine wood, so it’s high quality and each piece will be just a little different since you’ll see the natural wood grain.

This shelf comes assembled, with all the brackets already attached so that all you have to do is install it on your wall. Like most every cat shelf, you just want to make sure you install it on a stud for the strongest shelf possible.

And, if in the future you end up wanting to expand your cat’s play space or make a whole cat room, CatastrophiCreations has all kinds of cool cat shelves for you to mix and match.

But, if this hammock isn’t looking quite right for you and your family, we have even more cheap cat wall shelves to look at over here!

So, to summarize this cat shelf, it’s handcrafted and super strong, made by a U.S owned and operated company. It’s a nice middle ground in terms of size, it won’t take up all your wall space but it’s still plenty big for most cats to feel cozy in.

It comes in two different colors, English chestnut and onyx, for if you want a more classic or modern look. There are lots of other pieces of cat furniture that can easily be mixed and matched if you want to really catify your space. And it’s super affordable!

I really hope that you were able to find what you were looking for here, and good luck on your cat-parent journey.

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