Jungle Themed Cat Shelves With Leaves

Jungle themed cat shelves with leaves can really help with your cats health and happiness in the long run, helping them work off their base instincts and hide away in the leafy canopy.

Cat shelves with leaves can really be a boon to your cats mental and physical health, which is why we’re looking at these affordable jungle themed cat shelves with leaves! Not only are they good for your cat, but they also happen to be pretty good for your wallet too, as they really are quite affordable.

Or at least, this set is! These shelves come in a set of two, so you have a great head start on catifying your space when you get these. They look really cool and are a decent size as well.

These realistic leafy cat shelves are great for decor and for your wallet, since they really are wonderful affordable cat wall shelves.

They can hold up to 32 lbs, so even larger cats will be just fine on these leafy cat shelves.

And the leaves are a vibrant green, making this shelf feel quite realistic when you have it hung up. They can really help your cat feel safe and sound, especially if they are a little on the timid side.

Having a bit of cover in family spaces can really help kitties to feel safer and like they have their own territory to return to when life is a bit much, and these give a more natural feel and can help them work with their natural instincts!

The shelf dimension is 22″ wide, 13″ deep, and 15″ tall when you include the leaves. These shelves are sized so that they won’t take up all your wall space, while still giving your kitty a nice enough spot to snuggle up and watch the world from.

And all you really need to install these shelves is a traditional phillips head screwdriver, which makes life really easy.

Another wonderful thing about these shelves is that the base comes in two different shapes, so you have the regular curved base and then the rectangular base that you can see featured above, on the left.

And the same brand who makes these shelves also makes an awesome realistic leafy cat tree, so if having a cohesive space and matching furniture is important to you, you can have some really cool cat furniture.

But, if you aren’t quite in the mood for jungle themed cat shelves with leaves, I’ve found even more affordable cat wall shelves and put together a list over here!

So, to go back over what we’ve covered here, these shelves feature realistic leaves and have two different base shapes. It’s a good size for kitty snuggling, without taking up your entire wall and it has matching cat trees to go with them if you want to deck out your house!

I really hope this helped you learn more about these shelves and decide if they are right for you, your home and your cat.

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