MyZoo Outerspace Pet Bowl – Peak Aesthetic & Health

If you are looking for a food bowl that reaches peak aesthetic, the MyZoo Outerspace pet bowl is 100% something you should see.  This flying saucer themed cat bowl is just A+ and wins all the style points from me.

It’s made from top materials and is designed not only for looks but also to help keep your cats healthy.  Having an elevated eating area can really help cats and dogs alike to be healthier.

But, more on that later.

The wooden area that supports the bowl is made from solid pine wood, the stand itself is made from a durable but thin metal.

The bowl is glass so that it can more easily resist scratching and is super easy to clean.

It’s made for ease of use as well as style, with the glass bowl simply lifting off the stand when it’s time to fill or clean it. 

Raised feeding stations aren't just good for your dog, they help cats too.

Now, why it’s better.  Having to bend down and scrunch up their bodies while they eat can cause some discomfort which isn’t exactly ideal.

Crouching down on all fours can sometimes lead to cat gulping in more air than they should in the process of eating, which is uncomfortable and can even lead to vomiting.

(Please note that if your cat IS ill and vomiting often and something just feels off, see your vet!)

This could be especially helpful for flat faced cat breeds who have a harder time getting their faces all the way down in the bowl, or breathing while they eat.  

If you want to see more amazing space themed cat furniture, MyZoo really specializes in that. Click here to see more from them, including some moon and cloud shaped cat shelves!

So, that’s why I think this is such a great bowl.  Not only is the MyZoo Outerspace pet bowl really fun and cool to look at, it’s good for your cats (or small dogs) health.  What more could you want from a flying saucer food bowl for your cat? Honestly.  

I hope you have a lovely day, and give your kitty some love from me!

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