MyZoo Cat Furniture

MyZoo Cat Furniture is an amazing designer cat furniture brand with unique and strong designs that will make both large and small cats happy.

Let’s talk about cat brands! I want to start highlighting the best ones out there and I’m going to start with MyZoo cat furniture.  MyZoo has so many amazing, modern yet whimsical pieces made from top quality materials.

When you look at their designs, I feel like you can see the passion and love that goes into creating them.  It’s obvious that have your cats best interests at heart, as well as your home and your needs.

Everything is made with efficiency in mind.  They are based out of Japan. Homes tend to be on the small side in comparison to those you find in the U.S.A.  So, not only are these pieces kind of fantastical, they are also incredibly space efficient.

Quite a few of their pieces are made with dual purposes and can be whatever you need them to be.  Whatever works in your home. Whether you really need to save space in an apartment, or you want to create a sprawling cat gym. 

I first found MyZoo cat furniture when I was doing research on modern cat shelves.

So, I wanted to make a post dedicated to finding some of the best currently out there.

I had never seen these guys before, but when I found the Spaceship Gamma cat shelf I could tell I’d really found something special!

And yes, a lot of their stuff is space themed.

Cat shelves are a great space saver. I think that’s one reason why they have such a wonderful selection of them.

But they also have cat beds and even a cool, minimalist cat feeding station.  

And this all leads into our first section…

MyZoo Cat Shelves

I want to start with the shelves since they were the first thing I found from MyZoo and they have a very nice selection to choose from!

Between the spaceship themed cat shelves, the ones themed around the night sky and planets, and then they have these super cool honeycomb hexagonal cat shelves, there are almost endless choices and ways to use and decorate with the MyZoo cat shelves.

Spaceship Gamma

The Spaceship Gamma cat shelf is a wonderful modern piece of cat furniture with dual purpose as a bed for your cat.

The spaceship gamma is the first piece of cat furniture I ever found from MyZoo, so it felt fitting that it would be the first one I talk about here.  

It has a round, almost porthole-like design with an acrylic bubble attached at the end so that your cat can safely survey their kingdom. It comes in two colors, and you can purchase one with the opening and whichever side you need it to be on.  

And it’s a surprisingly great size too, it’s not so big that it feels cumbersome on your wall.  But, it’s large enough for most any cat to get in and enjoy snuggling up in without feeling cramped.

A small cat enjoying the Spaceship Gamma cat shelf from MyZoo.The Spaceship Gamma in walnut.

These shelves could really fit in with most any kind of modern decor.  They have a sleek feel to them that I personally love.

Whether you want something a little more minimalist or you like something with some oomph, these can fit in with most aesthetics.

The two colors it comes in are a lovely like oak finish and the other is a dark walnut.

Because of how this cat shelf is designed, you could also use it as a cat bed on the floor if you wanted.  Instead of hanging it up on the wall, you set the flat side of the cat shelf wherever you want your bed to be and boom.  Cat bed.

Since the dome sticks straight up, it reminds me very much of one of walk-in bubbles you encounter at aquariums.  Your cat can poke their heads up there to see what’s going on before retreating back into their little cocoon.

MyZoo Luna Cat Shelf

The Luna cat shelf from MyZoo is a solid wood cat shelf modeled after a crescent moon.

The Luna from MyZoo is an example of the whimsy I was talking about earlier.  It’s got that sort of fantastic adventurous feel to it that I fell in love with when I found it.  These cat shelves are not something you see everyday.  

It’s rather large and bold, it’s mystical yet modern.  Basically, everything I love in a design and I feel like you’ll love it too.

A happy cat lounging on the Luna cat shelf.

The Luna is made from solid spruce wood.  This means it’s very strong. When mounted correctly to your wall even a Maine Coon will be able to enjoy lounging on it.  Or a few of your cats could snuggle up there, whichever ends up being the case.

This really is a designer cat shelf at its core.  The style of it isn’t something I’ve seen anywhere else. The crescent moon shape takes it over the top for me.  And the building materials tell me that this piece will last a lifetime.

Just like any other piece of good furniture, when treated right it will keep giving for years and years.

MyZoo Solar Cat Shelf

The Solar cat shelf from MyZoo is the sunny counterpart to the Luna and a great addition to this space themed set of cat furniture.

The Solar shelf from MyZoo Cat Furniture is the delightful counterpart to the Luna cat shelf.  The rounded sun design carries the same feeling as the other pieces in this sky themed cat shelf line.

So you can mix and match whatever you want from this collection to make the ultimate cat wall.

A good view of how your cats will sit, lay and enjoy this cat shelf.

It’s a functional statement piece that your cats can enjoy.  Also made from solid wood and designed to be sturdy enough to hold up to a large cats lounging.  It’s set up so that it can be long lasting, unlike some cat trees which are gone a 6 months to a year after use.

This will stick around.

They rate it to hold up to 15kg, or 33lbs.  So, it can handle even the chonkiest of kitties.  Whether your cat is just large like a Maine Coon or you are hoping to encourage some healthy exercise with this shelving system.

MyZoo Twinkle Star Cat Shelf

The Twinkle Star cat shelf from MyZoo is an excellent accessory to go with that cat wall you always wanted to build.

The Twinkle Star is the perfect shelf to pair with the Luna, in case you couldn’t tell.  It’s a lovely little star themed shelf, designed to be used as a scratching post and stair step up to higher shelves.

It’s made from a post that extends out from the wall, that is covered in durable sisal.  So your cat can scratch and get a grip as they are using it to step up. The end cap is a lovely spruce wood star.

It’s an adorable little step, made with the same quality in mind as the rest of this line.  It holds 15kg (or up to 33lbs) just like the others, making it perfect for cats of all sizes.

You can make your wall into a literal theme park with these shelves.  The Twinkle Star can be used on it’s own, but it works better when combined with something like the Luna.  It’s meant to be a step up and a scratching post, not something for your cat to lounge on.  

The Twinkle Star being used to make a simple but lovely cat wall along with other pieces from the MyZoo collection.

So, if you want to make your walls into a grand kitty super highway themed around the stars and galaxies far far away, this is an excellent accessory perch to help make that happen.

MyZoo Busy Cat Hexagonal Perches

The Busy Cat cat shelves are a super cool hexagonal cat shelf made from solid wood and designed to work well alone or combined together to make a giant honeycomb-like cat wall.

We’re making a bit of a departure from the space theme and coming back down to earth with these hexagonal cat shelves.  They remind me of honeycombs with how they interlock so easily.

You can turn these shelves into an adventurous wall climb for your cat by installing them close together and practically interlocking them, so your cat can climb all through to find the optimal spot to curl up for a few hours.

They are made from solid pine wood.  Though they are light enough in color that they can easily be mix and matched with any of their other shelves if you wanted to work them in. 

These shelves provide a really fun, space efficient and modern twist on the cat shelves you usually see.  Designed to work together in more than just style, but actually combining into larger structures.

You can also purchase a cover for the front of them, making little cubby holes for your cats to hide in! This further transforms these shelves and makes them even more customizable.

MyZoo Zone Floating Perch

The Zone cat shelf has a modern design, is made from solid wood and works perfectly in conjunction with their other pieces.

This cat shelf is quite simple in comparison to most of their other designs. But they made it that way so that it could go with and complement anything you decide to purchase.

It’s a piece to use as a stair up higher to the more complicated and loud cat shelves like the Solar and Luna.

Simple on purpose, this cat shelf won’t take away from the whimsical nature of your other cat shelves.  It gives your cat a way to get up to them, higher on your wall, that doesn’t make whatever great design you come up with feel busy.

The MyZoo Zone cat shelf is set up to work perfectly with their other pieces, using its simple minimalist cat shelf design to compliment the more complicated statement pieces.
The Zone cat shelf works perfectly with the Busy Cat series.

With pieces like the Solar or Luna, even the Twinkle Star, it could be easy to make your wall feel too busy, this keeps the attention where it should be.  On your Luna, while still giving your cat an easy way up that goes with the rest of your cat shelves.

Or maybe you just like super minimalist, floating cat shelves.  These don’t feel cluttered, they are simple and light in color while still being super strong.  They are made from solid wood just like the rest of their cat shelves.

MyZoo Cat Beds

MyZoo Cat Furniture has cat beds that match up with all their other designs.  They don’t have quite as many models, but what they do have still easily mixes in.  Made from the same quality materials with the same principles as their other work.

Delightful modern, honeycomb and spaceship themed cat furniture abound and can help you create a cohesive design for your home.

MyZoo Spaceship Alpha

The Spaceship Alpha cat bed is like the big cousin of the Spaceship Gamma cat shelf. It's a delightful spaceship themed cat bed.

The Spaceship Alpha has a design similar to the Gamma cat shelf featured first above.  They were designed to go together, in fact. Following a similar design, this bed has two acrylic domes on either side and a porthole entrance for your cat.

Make your cat a little astronaut with this spaceship themed cat shelf, with two acrylic domes on either side to give them happy little domes to look out of.

Turn your cat into a little astronaut with this spaceship cat bed.  It’s every five year olds dream, and now it can be your kitties. This themed bed is a perfect combination of form and function.

It gives your cat a comfy, cozy and safe place to snuggle while also letting your cat furniture being an outlet for a love of space and discovery.  

This also comes in two colors, oak and walnut.  The oak is a lovely light finish, while the walnut is darker and mysterious.  Well, as mysterious as a spaceship cat bed can be.  

And it can be a great cat bed for an older cat.  It doesn’t really require any jumping to get in, most cats can just walk through the hold and snuggle up in their safe little cubby.  That means this cat bed is very friendly overall to cats with mobility issues.

MyZoo Busy Cat & Busy Cat Chair Plate

MyZoo Busy Cat shelves can transform into a wonderful cat bed when used like this, with their chair plates.

I bet you thought we were done talking about the Busy Cat shelf system.  But no, I said that they have a way of using the same model for multiple things, and this is the perfect example of that!  

They use the Busy Cat hexagonal shelving what they call their “Chair Plate’s” to make a cat bed that can use as a seat, an ottoman, or your cat can have their pick of sleeping and climbing through the honeycomb bed or on the cushion on top of it.

The seat cover gives it a new functionality, but just like if you were going to hang these on the wall you can buy just one and have a lovely piece, or you can get a few and make a fun little kitty crawl space.

Made from solid pine wood, these are built to last.  So, if you get these they are an investment, just like with other furniture you might get.  They aren’t designed to be bought and tossed in 6 months like some cat furniture.

MyZoo Miscellaneous

Now it’s time to talk about the more random items MyZoo Cat Furniture has.  Things that aren’t beds, cat trees or shelves. The other accessories that come along with owning a cat.  Like food bowls, litter box furniture and the like.

That’s why I made a miscellaneous section, for all the things that don’t quite fall into any of the wider categories but are still amazing pieces of cat furniture that deserve to be featured here!  Enjoy!

MyZoo Outerspace Pet Bowl

The Outerspace pet bowl is a UFO inspired elevated feeding station for your cat or small dog.

This food bowl is designed to look like a UFO saucer, maintaining that really fun space theme they have throughout the rest of their cat furniture.  This is a designer cat bowl at its core.

This outerspace inspired cat bowl is made from glass, with a metal stand and solid wood rim.

It’s elevated and functions perfectly for what it’s supposed to be, but it’s just plain old cool and stylish.  The wooden rim is made from solid pine, and the glass bowl can be removed easily for cleaning and filling when it’s time to eat.

One reason I actually recommend a raised feeding station like this one over one placed more floor level is that it’s much better for your cats.

Whether you decide on a really cool outerspace pet bowl like this, or just get a simple one from the store I recommend it.  If you want to know why, here’s a link to a short and sweet article from Animal Wellness Magazine that just about covers it.

And that’s MyZoo and all their pieces that are currently available in the U.S.A.  They keep making more and more of their furniture available here, and as they do, I’ll keep this page updated with every new item.

I hope you can see why I wanted to feature MyZoo and show everyone how amazing their cat furniture is.  They just happen to be one of those companies that make shelves and cat beds that work as well as they look

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