Curved Space Grey Cat Shelf Furniture

Some space grey cat shelf furniture can help keep your modern decor intact while giving your kitties space to romp

If you’re looking for curved space grey cat shelf furniture, look no further! This Lotus Leaf shelf from the Refined Feline has you covered. It’s one of the more elegant cat shelves I’ve seen out there. This brand tends to make lovely, modern yet still classically beautiful pieces and this one is no exception.

This shelf is a combination of solid wood and bent ply, making it very strong and durable. It’s not overly large, but still big enough for your cat to snuggle up in the curved bowl shape. It’s 22″ long and 10.5″ deep.

This makes it a great single piece for your home, especially when you are just figuring out if your kitty will even enjoy your modern cat shelves!

It’s going to hold up to your cats romping, give them their coveted vertical space that they need to stay healthier and happier, which at the end of the day is what we all want. But this shelf won’t destroy the look of your home by putting it up, which is also something we want.

It’s modern while still having that classic charm, and it comes in four different colors. Obviously, the grey seen above, espresso, a beautiful mahogany finish, and last but not least a wonderful white.

One more great feature to note with this shelf and it’s color variants is that it has berber carpet attached to the top of it in the corresponding color, and that carpet can be replaced once your cat has shredded through it, or just removed for easy cleaning. The only difference here is that the white comes with a fluffy faux fur instead of berber carpet.

A setup made from several darkly stained curved cat wall shelves
A customer here bought the darker finished cat shelves and combined it with the Lotus Branch modern cat shelf.

As you can see, it’s also easy to build a delightful cat wall using the Lotus cat furniture from The Refined Feline.

So if you are looking for more than a one off test piece, you can build a coherent design and maintain a similar style throughout your cat furniture! The Lotus Branch up there has the same colors and replaceable carpet, and there’s a Lotus cat tower to match as well (go over here to read up on that!).

There are are plenty of options and a lot of people have taken to really trying to maximize their space for their cats, using cat shelves like this. It’s space efficient and can be quite lovely.

If you’re looking to catify your space and really want some modern cat shelves but this one isn’t doing it for you, we have a whole list of others right over here! And as we find more curved space grey cat shelf furniture we’ll be sure to keep this page updated.

To conclude, this shelf has a lovely space grey color and a bowl-like curve that kitties love snuggling into. It’s sure to be perfect with either modern or minimalist decor, or if you have a more “classic” style, it can definitely fit in there too.

Replaceable berber make this a cinch to clean and so that you don’t have to replace the entire system. And there’s plenty of other cat furniture to mix and match with it. I think that sums up everything you need to know!

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