Sleek Modern S-Curve Cat Wall Shelf

This sleek modern S-curve cat wall shelf from Tuft + Paw is a surefire winner when you are looking for modern cat furniture shelves, it'll go perfectly with modern and minimalist decor.

The Freddo is a sleek modern s-curve cat wall shelf from Tuft + Paw. They are makers of high end, designer cat furniture that always has a contemporary feel and a bit of a “wow” factor.

This cat shelf has more of a minimalist look and feel. The platform is made from solid wood, either walnut or maple, so you know it’s going to be a strong shelf for your cat to snuggle up on.

I know how important having a strong and sturdy cat shelf is, you don’t want your cat to leap up onto it and have it crash down. That’s not good for your cat or anything under the shelf that might break. That’s one reason it’s recommended to always install cat shelves into the studs in your walls, and if you absolutely can’t do that, invest in good drywall anchors.

The Freddo has a cotton blend cushion that you don't often see on cat wall shelves, it's cozy and sure to make your kitty comfy.

It has a cotton blend cushion that attaches to the wooden frame. The cushion is high quality and comes off for easy cleaning.

Their cleaning recommendations couldn’t be easier either, just a damp cloth for the wooden body. You can vacuum off the cushion for a lighter clean, but you can also machine wash it, using the gentle cycle on your washer and then you just hang it up to dry before putting it back on. Voila!

This shelf is a decent size too, so you know you’re cat will be able to get nice and cozy (or both your cats, if they like to cuddle). It’s 35″ wide and 16″ deep, making it pretty ideal overall.

Not tiny, but not truly giant (I’ve seen some 60″ wide cat shelves before!) making it a happy middle ground.

It comes in two different colors as well. The first one is a fresh white color, and the second is a pyrite grey. Both of these are simple and sure to go well with most decor, especially if you are aiming for a more modern or minimalist design.

As you can see, Tuft + Paw also have a variety of other furniture that would go lovely with this sleek modern s-curve cat wall shelf, so if you’re wanting to really add to your cat furniture selection but keep it within a more modern and minimalist design, they have you covered.

A lot of their pieces almost fall into the “modern art” category in terms of how they look while still functioning well for your kitties comfort.

That all said, if Tuft + Paw isn’t quite your cup of tea, for whatever reason, we have a whole list of other modern cat furniture shelves to see over here!

To sum up here, the Freddo is an excellent minimalist cat shelf for those out there seeking that style. It’s sturdy and has a strong aesthetic and is easy to clean. A good size for cats to romp and snuggle on, it falls right in the middle on the size scale. Tuft + Paw has a lot of other cat furniture to offer in a similar style, some even feeling like modern art!

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