Simple Modern 34″ Solid Wood Cat Shelf

A simple modern 34" solid wood cat shelf with a floating design

This simple modern 34″ solid wood cat shelf is sleek and attractive. It’s made by CatastrophiCreations (one of my favorite cat shelf creators), so you know it’s going to be good.

Despite how thin this shelf is, it can hold up to 84 lbs when installed properly (using the included directions) into the studs in your walls.

It is incredibly sturdy, yet still has a really small footprint overall. This is aided by the fact that it has a hidden brackets system, meaning it has that nice “floating” aesthetic.

It comes in three different colors, too. English chestnut, which I think is my favorite, onyx, and unfinished. The onyx black finish is perfect for if you are going for more of a monochromatic color scheme in your house. The english chestnut is definitely more of a “classic” look than some of the others, but is truly lovely.

And getting an “unfinished” shelf might sound a bit bizarre to begin with, but I actually really like that they offer this as an option, because it means you can get the shelf and finish it with whatever varnish you have used on the other wood in your house, which will lead to having some really cohesive and tied together decor.

Above are excellent examples of pieces that can easily work together with this shelf as well. Maybe you’re wanting something a little smaller than the 34″ shelf featured in this post, or you just want to really catify your space. The shelves above are all also from CatastrophiCreations, ensuring that you’ll maintain a stylistic theme with your decor.

But, if you are wanting something ENTIRELY different, we have a whole list of other modern cat shelves for you to see over here!

These shelves really just scratch the surface of cool cat stuff that they have, in fact they earned a spot on our list of best cat shelves because of it. But, I digress.

To sum up, this modern 34″ solid wood cat shelf really is a great option if you’re wanting a stand alone shelf or to add onto an existing and growing cat room or wall. With it’s different finishes and floating style, it’s sure to fit in whatever colors you have going on in your home! It doesn’t have any carpet to clean but it’s still a great and cozy spot for your kitty to hang out!

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