Compact Modern Cat Tree With No Carpet

Compact Modern Cat Tree With No Carpet
The Color & Configuration Choices Are AMAZING!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

This compact modern cat tree with no carpet is the epitome of modern pet furniture. It should be on the radar of every style conscious cat owner because of it’s clean lines and contrasting dark and light tones.

It is sleek, stylish and functional. Polished wood and sisal wrapped poles call attention to the crisp condo or kitty bed box.

It’s small footprint, just 22″x22″x48″, makes it perfect for small homes. Removable cushions or pads make it comfy for your feline friends and keep it easy for you to clean.

Cats Love The Memory Foam Cushions!

Kitties love this carpet free cat tree and customers tell us visitors demand to know where they got it because it looks so good in their homes.

If you are a cat owner looking for a small cat tree who values both style and function you will fall in love with Vesper cat furniture.

On the other hand if you are wanting a piece of cat furniture that’s still really modern looking but a bit larger we encourage you to take a look at this elegant and minimalist cat tree for multi cat homes.

We love the modern look of this product and appreciate that it is a completely carpetless cat tree. Finding a beautiful and stylish cat tree without carpet can be a real challenge. We are proud to be able to share this one with you.

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