Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment Dwellers

Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment

What’s the best cat tree for small apartment dwellers? One that makes the most of limited space and will also enhance the decor of the room, of course.

That’s exactly what you’ll find here. A collection of pet furniture that’s compact enough to give your kitty a place of their own to hangout and play even if you have seriously limited space.

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In addition to space concerns. It was important for us to find you cat trees that stand out from the crowd in terms of quality, affordability and uniqueness.

Compact Modern Cat Tree With No Carpet

Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment Dwellers
“Vesper Cat Furniture” is super sleek and cool.
We just love all the different shapes & colors it comes in.
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Whether you are looking for a small cat tree for your apartment or a larger space you are just going to fall in love with the “Vesper” Pet furniture line. This little number is a compact modern cat tree with no carpet. In fact, none of their pet furniture has any carpet.

Cutting Edge Modern Cat Furniture At It’s BEST!

This unit manages to pack four platforms, six scratching posts, a dangle toy and a kitty condo into a 22 by 22 inch space. It will enhance your home decor and your cats will love it.

Sleek Small Multi Platform Sisal Cat Tree

Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment Dwellers
How did they pack so much kitty fun into such a small cat tree?
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

This is a really great cat tree for apartment dwellers because even though it’s compact it is tall enough for your kitty to enjoy a full length “Stretchy Scratch” while still fitting into a snug space.

37 Inches Tall! Means Your Cats Can Stretch To Their Full Height To Sharpen Their Claws!

Customers report it is super easy to assemble and so stable a 13 pound cat can pull himself up the side using only his front claws and it DOES NOT BUDGE!

Door Mounted Cat Tree For Small Spaces

Door Mounted Cat Tree For Small Spaces
This baby mounts to your DOOR! Have you ever seen anything so cool?
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Check this out. It’s almost a floor to ceiling cat tree you mount to any door in your home. How cool is that? It’s the ultimate cat tree for folks who live in small apartments of any sort.

Fits On Any Door From 72-89 Inches High!

It’s spring loaded to insure a tight fit and to make it easy to take with you when you move on. Several customers also told us it is easy to adapt and mount to your wall if you prefer. This would be a great addition to any cat shelf system.

Pro Tip: If you want a really tall cat tree that takes up hardly any space but a door mounted one like this isn’t an option, check out this floor to ceiling cat tree. It’s GREAT for small apartment cats.

Carpeted Short Cat Tree With Sisal Scratcher

Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment Dwellers
This cat tree comes in FIVE different colors. Click the image to see them all!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Solid, sturdy and built to last. The folks over at “New Cat Condos” make some of the highest quality cat trees we have ever seen and this little beauty is no exception. At 20″x20″x24″ it’s great for kitties to perch on to peer out windows in any small apartment.

Solid Wood Posts & Check Out The Cat Bed On Top!

All of their cat trees are made with solid wood posts and household grade carpeting that’s made to last for the lifetime of your pets. The sisal is never oiled and is glued to every inch of the post so your kitty won’t be able to pull it off.

Flower Cat Tree Condo With Bed Bowl

Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment Dwellers
The images Amazon reviewers have shared of their kitties sleeping, slounging and otherwise enjoying this cat tree are super cool. They’ve really outdone themselves.
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Stylish and unique this small cat tree will enhance the decor of your home while it gives your kitties a cozy place to snooze and play. The perfect size for bird watching out your window.

Paper Rope Is Ridiculously Strong!

This item reminds us of a tulip. The bulbous kitty condo at the bottom and the flower petal cat bed on the top. Customers report their feline friends love the super soft pillow up top.

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Compact, sturdy and built to last, one of these is sure to be the best cat tree for small apartment or condo owners is searching for a great place for their feline friends to hangout and play.

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