Sleek Small Multi Platform Sisal Cat Tree

Sleek Small Multi Platform Sisal Cat Tree
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

You and your cats are going to love this sleek small multi platform sisal cat tree. It’s compact size makes it perfect for small spaces and customers report it is super easy to assemble.

It has three jute wrapped 47″ poles for your kitties to scratch and sharpen their claws on. With four padded platforms, there’s plenty of space for your feline friends to perch and perhaps bird watch out your windows.

Great For Multiple Cats!

If you are looking for a multi functional scratching post or smaller cat tree this may be the perfect pet furniture for you.

It lets your kitties sharpen their claws, even the big “Stretchy Scratches” they love so much. They can also perch on top and peer out the window or or just hang out with you.

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We love the simplicity of this scratch and climb cat tree. Its size makes it a universal choice for any cat slaves out there regardless of the size of your home.

Your kitty overlords will approve of you adding this item to their realm.

BONUS: The sleek appearance adds to, rather than detracts from, the style of your home.

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