Cheap Solid Wood Carpeted Cat Tree

This is a cheap solid wood carpeted cat tree from New Cat Condos.  Its great cat tree for large cats, cat furniture for large cats.

This cheap solid wood carpeted cat tree from New Cat Condos is really one of the best cat trees out there for the price you pay. This company specializes in making some of the best products for the most reasonable prices they can.

It’s one reason we feature and review them so often and will continue to do so, their cat trees simply are some of the best.

They are made from solid wood, to make sure they are as sturdy as they could possibly be and take whatever your cat could possible throw at it.

This cheap solid wood carpeted cat tree is no exception for their usual standards either. The carpet they use is house grade and very strong, they use that so that it’ll last longer, and the longer it lasts the less you have to spend in the long run as well.

The carpet comes in neutral colors as well, so that it’ll go easily with as many peoples decor as possible. Neutral colors are much easier to work into your home, even if bright colors might be a lot of fun.

It’s a great size too. Perfect for large cats to lounge with the steps spaced well enough for an older kitty to easily hop to the top.

It’s 32.5″ tall, so it’s tall enough to sit below a window for your cat to look out if you wanted to do that. It’s base is 20″ x 20″, so it has a nice and stable framework.

Which you really need if you have a larger cat, you don’t want your cat tree to tip and topple when they inevitably leap to the tippy top in a single bound or flop over, play or just in general are a cat doing cat things.

A massive bonus of buying a New Cat Condos cat tree is that they ship all in one piece as well, there’s no assembling on your end. You get the box, pull out the cat tree and boom, done. All you have to do is decide where to put it.

Keeping up with their other high quality materials, they also use all natural thick, unoiled sisal rope when adding scratching post elements to their cat trees. As you can see they have done on two of the support posts on this one.

A problem with some sisal is that the oil used can be unsafe for pets, I learned that in the process of trying to make my own scratching posts. It was such a pain finding pet safe sisal, lemme tell you.

You definitely don’t have to worry with this cat tree, they use perfectly safe sisal for your cat. And since it’s nice an thick, it’s just perfect for scratching.

They make a plethora of other affordable cat trees too, like the ones you see above. All with the same quality that this cat tree is made with. So, if this cheap solid wood carpeted cat tree isn’t quite what you are looking for, but you like how these guys make things they have plenty of other options for you to try.

And if you just don’t like any of these, but really need to keep on the look out for more inexpensive cat trees, we’ve compiled a list of cheap cat trees over here from even more brands.

I really hope that this was helpful in your quest to find the best cheap cat tree for your big cat. I know it isn’t easy! There are so many out there that are just big flops at the end of the day. But I think you and your cat will like this one, and if you don’t, then hopefully you were able to find something else you were looking for while you were here. Have a great day!

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