The Best Sturdy Cat Trees For Large Cats

On the hunt for the best sturdy cat trees for large cats.  It can be hard to find sturdy cat furniture for your large cat, but it is possible!

If you have a bigger kitty and are on the lookout for a cat tree, you know the importance of finding some sturdy cat trees for large cats. You can’t have your cat tree weeble wobbling around whenever your cat decides to use it.

It has to be strong and stable, able to stand up to a 15 or 25 pound cat leaping up and down on it. Also, places big enough for a long kitty to stretch out on! Those are important too.

If You Are In A Hurry, These Are Our Recommendations:

Plus, you really want your cat tree to look good and function well. I get it, no one wants an eyesore in their living room. I know personal taste varyings wildly as well, so that’s why I’ve made sure to review a wide variety of cat trees here. So, let’s get into it!

Sturdy Adjustable Beige Carpeted Cat Tree

A sturdy adjustable beige carpeted cat tree for large cats.  Carpeted cat tree for big cats, personalizable cat tree, carpeted cat furniture.

First on our list is this really cool, personalizable cat tree from Feandrea. This company really makes amazing, affordable cat trees for big cats. It can be hard to find a cat tree that isn’t high priced but will still support your cat while providing ample space to lounge and romp.

I haven’t found a single one of their cat trees to have any problem with that thus far, and this one is no exception. It also has a really interesting feature I’ve never really seen before in a more “traditional” cat tree. It’s adjustable!

As you can see, it’s base plates are adjustable so that you can configure it whichever way suits you, your home and your cat best.

Which I know really is the name of the game when you are on the hunt for a cat tree.

The sisal covering the 4.4” (in diameter) posts is all natural and thick, designed to give your kitties a great place to stretch and scratch.

Having a place for your kitty to scratch is really all important, it can help save your furniture while providing them with a required outlet to use their claws, which is good for their mental and physical health.

This sturdy cat tree uses CARB certified particle board to help keep costs down without compromising durability and stability. This means you can get a cat tree at a more affordable price that will still work for your large kitty.

The platforms are spaced so that even older cats shouldn’t really have trouble hopping up to the top, or to snuggle up in the cat condo on the second level of this cat tree.

So, if you have a cat that’s a little older, or maybe has slightly shorter legs, they’ve really thought through how the height of their levels will impact all kitties.

And it’s 44” tall at its tallest point, so it isn’t massively tall, but it’s still perfect for basking in a window or giving kisses to your kitty as they lounge on the tippy top.

4 Tier Solid Wood 65” Cat Tree

A four tier solid wood cat tree for large cats that is made in the U.S.A, it's affordable and there's very little assembly required.

Next up is this really amazing, tall, solid wood cat tree from New Cat Condos. This cat tree features 4 tiers, solid wood, house grade carpet and natural, unoiled, thick sisal rope. These guys make some of the most affordable, sturdy cat trees I’ve ever seen.

This cat tree is handcrafted in the U.S.A, made from solid wood. It weighs 55 lbs, so it really isn’t going to go tipping over easily when your cat makes their first great leap up onto it. Even if they are a large kitty. This really is one of the best sturdy cat trees for large cats.

It’s made so that minimal assembly is required (and on some of their smaller cat trees, no assembly is required). It’s super easy to put together when it arrives, I saw one person even note that they didn’t even feel the need for the instructions, it was all obvious where everything should go and how.

Please do note: that we here at Cool Cat Trees take no responsibility for any head bashing that happens should you decide to attempt cat tree assembly without the instructions.

Joking aside, very few cat trees are actually as simple as this one to assemble.

And it’s really nice and tall, in fact it’s 65” at the top. So if you have a high climber, this cat tree is a great choice. The base is 20” x 24” as well, making it good and stable.

The carpet they use a plush, house grade carpet to help make sure it lasts as long as possible for your and your cats.

The carpet comes in beige, brown and a “neutral” color, since these colors can really blend into almost any home and make it easy for the for your to work it in with your decor.

Sisal rope can be hard to find when you are trying to make your own cat tree, because finding pet safe sisal is a big pain in the butt. Believe me, I know, I did it.

But these guys have found quality, unoiled (nontoxic) sisal that is thick enough to make for a good scratching post, and they’ve wrapped the front supporting post in it so that your cat can have a place to really stretch and use their claws.

I think you can see why I recommend this cat tree (and just about any cat tree from New Cat Condos) when you are in the market for a carpeted sturdy cat tree for your large cat.

Strong Non-carpeted Cat Tree For Large Cats

This strong non-carpeted cat tree for large cats from Lazy Buddy is a great playground for bigger cats.  It's easy to clean, stable and hefty enough that they will have a very hard, if not impossible time toppling it.

And now this cat tree from Lazy Buddy! It’s not carpeted, so you don’t have to worry about replacing carpet (or just buying a whole new cat tree when the carpet gets worn out), or vacuuming it.

Cats might like carpeted cat trees, but they can definitely be a pain in the butt for you to maintain in the long term, especially with heavy use.

I think that’s one reason why non-carpeted cat trees like this one are becoming so popular.

If you have kitties who really love to climb and claw, their cat furniture can really take a hit and need to be replaced faster than you might want, with non-carpeted and wooden cat trees the rate at which you need to replace things really goes down.

So, this cat tree is super stable and not carpeted, it’s made from premium grade particle board and has a lovely wood finish on it. Which is why it’s here with the other sturdy cat trees for large cats.

It’s 54” in height and it’s base is 30” x 16”.  It’s quite hefty as well, which is both a pro and a con.

It’s 70 lbs, which gives it a really good weight and helps keep it from woobling around or scooting when you don’t want it too.  But, it also means you might want a little help assembling if heavy lifting isn’t something you are up to.

It’s really a lovely cat tree and that extra weight really helps to ensure your big kitty doesn’t knock it over. The wooden finish gives it a sleek, more modern look and feel that I personally adore.

The beds and soft mats it comes with attach to the cat tree with velcro so that they are easily removable for washing as well, making this again much easier to clean than some other more traditional cat trees.

Elegant Wooden Cat Tree For Large Cats

An elegant wooden cat tree that is stable enough for big cats, is super easy to clean and has replaceable carpet pads.

Once again I find myself recommending the Lotus Cat Tower (also known as the cleopatra cat tree), because of it’s amazing quality, functionality and wonderful modern aesthetic. It’s a delightful cat tree all around. This is definitely up there as one of the best sturdy cat trees for large cats, and just one of the best cat trees in general.

It’s perfect if your big kitty also happens to be a height lover. This cat tower measures 69” high, which translates to 5’7” and taller than me by a few inches! It’s base is a solid 20 X 20 as well.

The Lotus cat tree is made from plywood with a lovely oak veneer, it’s designed to be strong and sturdy, holding up to cats romping and climbing up to the top for a good look out at the world. Most cats I’ve found enjoy getting as high as they can to survey their surroundings, it can really give them a sense of comfort and control to be able to see everything happening.

If you want to add even more height, there are really wonderful cat shelves made by the same company, so they match in style and color. You can learn more about those over here.

This cat tree only has carpet pads in certain strategic zones, making the carpet easily replaceable and cleanable. They are berber carpet pads, they attach to the cat tree using strong velcro and you can get replacements if your kitty shred them.

The cat condo at the floor level has a faux suede cushion both inside and on top of it, giving two cozy spots for your cat to snuggle up on and nestle into.

It comes in three different colors too, so you can find what will work best for you and your home decor.

The first color is a lovely dark espresso color, the next is my personal favorite, mahogany, which is just a delightful wood finish that I think looks so elegant and would fit in especially well with decor that has that “classic” feel.

Last but not least is a light smokey grey, which really gives this cat tree a very modern, minimal and sleek feel.

It’s amazing how a simple color change can give new life to something like this.

Designer White Cat Tree Ramp And Hammock

A designer cat tree that's just a bit extra but is worth the price you pay. It's super stable, sturdy and has a ton of cool features.

Last but not least is this designer cat tree from Tuft + Paw called Milo, which, honestly is just crazy but really fun and too cool not to mention.  If you want the peak of cat tree luxury, this is the one for you and your large feline friend.

It is sturdy, it is sleek, modern and minimalist.  It’s made from birch plywood with a beautiful white UV coating.

It has a crystal cat hammock. Yes, you read right.

A crystal cat hammock.  Tuft + Paw don’t just make cat furniture, they make freakin’ modern art into cat furniture.  It’s kind of ridiculous, but in the best way possible.

It’s 62” tall, so, much like the Lotus cat tree we talked about above, it’s perfect for the cat in your life who’s a high climbing daredevil.

But it’s still easy for them to get down, this is definitely designed so that cat’s can get up and down incrementally or all at once, depending on their style.

A few of it’s panels are covered in sisal rope for scratching, but one of the best scratching (and climbing) options is the carpet covered pole that your cat can use to scale the cat tree or carefully shimmy back down from.

And it’s very sturdy, one person remarked that all FIVE of their cats were playing or lounging on it at once, and it was fine.  They weren’t worried for even a second that it was going to tip or topple. If it can handle five cats, I’m pretty sure it can handle one, two or even three of your big fur babies.

The Milo has removable carpet pads for ease of cleaning.

The carpet pads on the platforms attach via velcro, so that you can easily remove them for cleaning, and since this is made from wood, you don’t have to worry about hair collecting and having to try to vacuum in any creases.

I’m aware this cat tree is a bit out there, but it fits the bill of being a strong and sturdy cat tree for large cats, so I had to include it.

I really hope that this article was helpful, and that one of these sturdy cat trees for large cats were what you were looking for!  There are so many factors to consider when you are looking for cat trees, and luckily these days there are also more options that ever.

You can totally go for that great carpeted cat tree, or if you want something more modern and easy to clean, there are lots of wooden options too.  Have a great day and give your kitty a pet for me!

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