Sturdy Affordable Cat Tree With Two Condos

A sturdy affordable cat tree with two condos is a great way to give your cat their own space.  Cat tree for large cats, cat condo for large cats.

This is a sturdy affordable cat tree with two condos that would be suitable for large and small cats alike. It’s very stable with large enough condos and platforms for your cat to really stretch out and enjoy lounging on it.

Finding cat trees that are big enough for your large cat can be difficult, especially at a reasonable price. Which is why we’ve been trying to focus on reviewing more affordable cat trees this last week or so.

And that’s why I’m going to be talking about this cat tree from Feandrea! It’s a remarkably cheap and a great cat tree for large cats.

It’s made from top quality high grade particle board. This makes it stable and safe for your cats to snuggle up and romp around on.

The support pillars are wrapped in a plush beige carpet and natural sisal rope so that they can double as scratching posts for your cats. And trust me, I know how important it is to have extra places for your cats to scratch!

It helps keep them healthy and stimulated while working to keep your couch safe.

It’s a nice height too, not super tall but not tiny either. It stands at 33″ tall, with the base being 23″x 15″. I’d say this falls into the middle ground of cat tree heights. It’s not teensy but it’s not super tall either!

Which can be nice when you are trying to figure out where you want to put it. It’ll give your cat a great place to lounge without taking up all of your room.

So, the top perch is designed with larger cats in mind too, you can tell. It uses the top cat condo as a base but then extends out past it.

And has an additional support on the side, making it ideal for long cat stretching and wallowing.

And if you are really worried about it tipping over for some reason, they include what they call “anti-toppling fittings” that you can attach to your wall, so if it ever did start to tip for some reason, that would prevent it from falling right over and sending your kitty down to the floor.

The fact that this is a sturdy affordable cat tree with two condos really gives your cat (or cats) a choice in where to snuggle up as well. They can choose the top perch when they are feeling social, or sleep away in one of the enclosed cat condos.

Now, if this cat tree doesn’t really hit all the right marks for you, that’s fine there are other options out there for inexpensive cat trees! Like the one above here, which is from New Cat Condos, I think you might find it very nice as well. It’s solid wood and made in the USA, if you want to know more you can click the link above.

Another thing you can do if you do like this cat tree but you want to take your space further into the crazy cat lady territory is get cat shelves to go with it.

There are plenty of cheap cat shelves out there that you can use to add height to a cat tree like the one we’ve talked about here today. Catifying your space is easier than ever these days.

And if none of this is your style but you are still on the hunt for inexpensive cat trees for larger cats, we have quite a few others for you to see if you’d like to!

Well, I’ve hope I’ve helped you narrow down your options and find what you need. Maybe you’ve even found some new ideas to run with! This cat tree from Feandrea really is a great find, I think. The color is neutral enough that it won’t clash with most decor, it’s not gigantic and it’s very stable.

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