Busy Cat Hexagonal Perches Make Perfect Kitty Mazes!

The Busy Cat hexagonal perches highlight my absolute favorite feature of cat shelves.  With their interlocking design and easy integration with other pieces, additional accessory pieces and overall customizability I just can’t get enough of them.

So, these hexagonal cat shelves are made to be used on their own. Or interlocking multiple together to create a sort of kitty maze on the wall.

The four sides of this six sided shelf have little circular portholes for your kitty to crawl through.  Either to get up and into the shelf or to crawl to another one!

Or perhaps just to see what’s going on down below.  They have to keep an eye on everything, after all.

You can easily see how you can turn these hexagonal, honeycomb like cat shelves into a maze-like romping area for your cat!

This cat perch is designed to last you a lifetime as well.  It’s made from solid wood, pine wood to be exact.

Cat shelves made like this are like buying a piece of furniture for your house.  You want to take time and care, making sure to get something that both looks good and won’t fall apart from regular use in a year.

And, of course, that your cat will love.  Even when they are at their maximum finicky feline phase where all they want to do is steal the box it came in.

It’s also strong enough to handle even a large Maine Coon. It can hold 15kg, and for those of us in the United States, that’s 33lbs!  It’ll hold a heck of a lot of cat. 

Here is a slightly larger cat enjoying these sturdy hexagonal cat shelves from MyZoo!

And with it’s accessories there are plenty of ways you can change it up.  It has a front plate that you can attach to it when it’s on the wall, enclosing it and making it a safe little cubby for your kitty to hide in.  

This could be especially useful for a more reclusive or nervous cat.  It would give them a place to hang out that’s with everyone, but still private so that they can have their space when they need it.

If you are worried about the openness of these shelves, it could also put your mind at ease about tumbling kitties.

And with this cover, you can use these shelves as… not shelves.  If you really like the design of these cat perches, you can use them as a cat bed as well.  Instead of installing them on your wall, you can set them up on the ground and use these plates to make cozy enclosed spaces.

The cushion on top turn them into an ottoman for you to rest your feet on while your cat enjoys crawling through their little kitty maze below.

Or, a place for your cat to get up onto and snuggle up.

I hope you can see why I love this particular shelf from MyZoo so much.  It can also be easily combined with other shelves to make an entire kitty complex.

If you want to see some great examples of the kinds of shelves you could use, go check out our dedicated post to MyZoo’s cat furniture line and all the cool things they make.

So, to sum up, the Busy Cat Hexagonal Perches have many uses and applications.  From being a standalone shelf on your wall to making an entire maze for your cat.  A safe little cubby, a bed, even a little ottoman. There are so many possibilities.  And with that, I hope you have a great day! 

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