MyZoo Zone Floating Perch – A Minimalist & Modern Cat Shelf

The Zone floating cat shelf from MyZoo is a beautiful, sleek and minimalist cat shelving system designed to give your kitties a happy place to sit or an easy step up to even bigger and more elaborate shelves!

The MyZoo Zone floating perch is an excellent example of a simple, modern and minimalist floating style cat shelf.  Whether you are wanting a simple shelf for your cat to enjoy, or you want to use it to compliment an entire cat shelf setup, it has pretty much endless possibilities. 

You can clearly see how simple, yet elegant this cat shelf is.  It'll easily fit in with a minimalist lifestyle or modern decor, while still giving your cat the most.

It’s simplicity makes it easy to work it into most any house’s decor.  

Given its strength, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether it will hold up to your kitties romping.  It can hold up to 15 kg, or 33lbs! So even the largest of kitties can have a good snuggle on here.

It’s simple style makes it easy to clean and it’s quality materials mean it’s made to last.  It’s made from solid wood like most of MyZoo’s other shelving pieces. So you won’t have to replace them in a year like some other cat furniture.

? PSST! Speaking of quality, if you’re looking for cat furniture that’ll last a lifetime we highly encourage you to take a look at these modern minimalist luxury cat shelves.

And with its sleek design, it works perfectly with other cat shelves to make a glorious kitty jungle gym!  For example, it coordinates perfectly with the MyZoo Busy Cat hexagonal or honeycomb shaped shelves.

The Zone, the lowest shelf on display, is seen working with and easily complimenting the Busy Cat hexagonal cat shelves above.

The zone can make the perfect stair step-up or additional space for them when paired with this.  It’s shaped just so, so that if you do have the Busy Cat shelves the Zone will nestle perfectly in. It’ll match the shapes created by the interlocking hexagons.

A kitten climbing down this minimalist and sleek floating cat shelf from MyZoo.

It’s a decent length too.  So, if you want it as a stand alone piece your feline friend will have some good space to stretch.  Roughly 30 inches long and 12 inches wide, so your cat can have a good lounge. 

There are a lot of other amazing and cool cat shelves from MyZoo that you can pair with this minimalist cat shelf.

Between the Luna, the Solar and the Moku, you can basically make your sky and space dreams a reality for your cat.  Easily pairing up all of these pieces to make your cat a lovely romping spot and a beautiful focal point of your home decor.  

If you want to learn more about MyZoo’s other shelves, whether sky and star themed, or even inspired by a spaceship, click here!

I hope you like the MyZoo Zone floating perch, it’s a great cat shelf for those who enjoy a more minimalist lifestyle or sleek modern decor.  It’s also perfect to pair with a plethora of other shelves to create the ultimate playground for your cat!

Have a great one and give your kitty some love for me!

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