The MyZoo Twinkle Star Cat Shelf – A Cat Step & Scratcher In 1

The MyZoo Twinkle Star cat shelf is a great themed cat step and scratching post for your kitties to enjoy.

It can be used alone as a little scratching post that you place just high enough for your cat to get a good stretch or to climb on. Or you can incorporate it with other cat shelves as steps up to higher and grander spaces!

So, the twinkle star cat shelf has a few uses.  

A view of the Twinkle Star cat shelf, showing off it's amazing star decoration and hemp rope covered step.

It’s not a lounger, but it’s the perfect step up to the cat shelf meant for lounging.  Especially when you have other space themed cat furniture (like the Luna). It can double as a place for your cats to dig their claws into and scratch as well.

A cat happily using this cat step as a scratching post from their large MyZoo Luna lounging shelf.

This shelf is all wrapped up in a hemp rope. So, if your cat loves climbing and wants something to claw at, you can nab this step.

And you can do it without compromising your home decor.  So many cat scratchers, scratching posts and other cat furniture are bland, and sometimes even ugly.  

This shelf has a delightful aesthetic that it is sure to not only make you and your kitty happy, but will be sure to get some great appreciation from any guest who happens to come over.

The materials used are also quality and you know you can trust them to last you and your kitty.

The shelf itself is a solid pine wood, and as mentioned before, the rope wrapped around the central part of it is hemp.

And to top it all off, it can stand up to even a really large cats weight, holding up to 15kg, or 33lbs.  So, you don’t have to worry about your cat being to big, so long as this is installed properly, your cat will be perfectly safe.

If you want to use this as a step rather than just a scratching post, but you haven’t decided on a whole setup yet and want something to match with the night sky theme that this step has MyZoo has an entire collection dedicated to space and the things you see when you look up at the stars.

There are several pieces from MyZoo that would this Twinkle Star cat shelf would compliment.  From the Luna cat shelf which is large enough for your cat to lounge happily on, to the hexagonal honeycomb-like interlocking cat shelves that can form a little kitty complex.

If you’d like to see all of the cool space themed cat furniture from MyZoo, click here!

In short, this cat shelf can have a few different functions depending on you and your cats needs!  It can be just a scratching post you attach to your wall that looks cool with it’s little star cap.

Or, it can be an actual step up to a bigger cat shelf for your kitty to lounge on or crazy run up to.  Or some combination of both.  Whatever works best for you, your cat and your home!

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