Adorable Quality No Carpet Cat Tree

This is a wonderful adorable, quality no carpet cat tree that is perfect if you are on the lookout for an easy to clean but aesthetically acceptable tree.

This adorable, quality no carpet cat tree is perfect for the kitty in your life, large or small.  It’s easy to clean. Really sturdy, so no matter how much romping your cat does, it won’t topple.

You can combine the two sizes of Lazy Buddy cat trees, both of which are adorable and high quality cat trees, to make a sort of mini kitty super jungle gym.

With it’s cute design, it’s bound to fit right in and be a delightful conversation starter when you have company.  It’s not going to weeble or look flimsy. No eyebrow raising (in a bad way), or concern.

There’s no “cheap feel” to this tree.  It’s made from CARB-certified (California Air and Resources Board) natural wood particle board, a pretty strong material.

Comfy, soft removable mats velcro to the platforms.  This makes it super easy to clean!

And it gives your kitty a cozy place to lay, wherever they prefer on this cat tree.

Just take off the mats and wipe down the tree with a damp cloth whenever you feel the need to clean it.  And you can easily toss the mats into the laundry.

Plus, it’s affordable, which is always a bonus.

It’s 67” tall, so it’s a substantial tree, giving your kitty a lot of room to climb, snooze and scratch.  And with it’s quality materials, it’s sure to make this adorable cat tree last.

It’s not so big that it’ll take up your entire room (like some kitty jungle gyms), but it’s large enough to really give your cat a place of their own.

It’s perfect for households with multiple cats too. 

With as much space as this provides, with its various levels, cat condo and top bed, if you have more than one cat, there is more than enough room for them to each have their own spots.

Assembly is a fairly straightforward process.  It’s not a hard thing to do, really. If you can handle Ikea furniture, you’ll be able to put together this carpetless cat tree.

The only odd thing about assembling this cat tree is that the little rubber feet do not have pre-drilled holes.

But, it’s very easy to drill the holes.  You shouldn’t even need an electric drill, just a regular screwdriver should do.  It’s not a big thing at all, just something to know.

Easy Assembly!

And all the tools and materials needed for assembly are included, so you don’t have to worry about nabbing anything else at Home Depot.

If you don’t quite like this cat tree, or want to see what other cool tall cat trees for large cats are out there, click here to see more!

So, to sum up, this adorable, quality no carpet cat tree is super simple to clean, large enough for a multi-cat household.  Because of its cute design, it’s super easy to fit it into most decor and turn it into a delightful conversation starter.  

And all while being cheaper, or at least as much as any cat tree you’ll find at any big box pet store and still be bigger and better quality than most things you’ll find there.

I hope this helped you find something that’ll work for you and your kitty family!

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