The Best Tall Cat Tree For Large Cats In 2024

This is the best tall  cat tree for large cats, it's got everything they need to feel at home while being a beautiful addition to your homes decor.

The hunt for the perfect tall cat tree for large cats can be a long one. Especially if you don’t want just another ‘generic’ cat tree!

You need one that will hold up to a 15-20 pound cat leaping as high as they can, scratching, running, romping, snuggling… That’s one tall order.  Especially in a cat tree that matches your kitties love of heights.

But, there are more pretty options than you might initially think.  Including what I personally think is the best all-around tall cat tree for large cats.

The Best Tall Cat Tree For Large Cats: The Lotus Cat Tower from The Refined Feline

The best tall cat tree for large cats has a cat condo, multiple platforms, is made from solid wood and has removable carpet pads on the steps to make cleaning easy.  And it's just under 6 feet tall.

I present the Lotus Cat Tower.  It’s a high quality, wooden cat tree that is tall, sturdy and elegant.  This is truly a cat tree that isn’t ugly!

The Lotus cat tree is perfect for large cats.  It's tall, stable and elegant.

It’s the kind of cat tree that you won’t have to replace when the carpet wears out and is easy to clean.  Just like a good couch, it’ll last you and your kitty years. And look good the entire time.

The Lotus Cat Tower can fit into most homes even though it’s quite tall.  It’s 69” tall, making it just under 6 feet.

So, this is really perfect for the daredevil cat in your life who just wants to get up high and watch the world.

But, just because it’s tall doesn’t mean it’ll take up too much space. 

It’s base is only 20” x 20”, so it can fit into most any spot you need it too.  If a nice standing lamp will fit, odds are, this can nestle in with minimal rearranging.

Because this cat tree is made from wood and isn’t covered in carpet, it’s super simple to clean.  A damp cloth or a duster and you and your kitty are good to go, man. The little bits of carpet that are on this cat tree are all removable as well.  

The carpet padding is removable, so it's easy to clean or replace when needed.

They attach via velcro, so you can take them off when they are worn for replacement or to clean them more easily.  And, yeah, replacements are available!

There is a cozy cat condo right at the bottom of the cat tree.

So, if they don’t feel like climbing but want a space to snuggle up and get away, it’s right there.

There’s even a super snug faux-suede cushion inside and on top of the condo (which also acts as a step on the tree).

The faux-suede is a cover that comes off the pillows and is easy to wash.

And, to top it all off, there’s a 20” long sisal scratch pad on the side of the tree that gives your cat the perfect spot to stretch and really sink their claws into.

On a side note: there are cat shelves made with a very similar design to this cat tower, beautiful, elegant and sturdy.  So, if you want to learn more about the Refined Feline’s cat shelves, click here!

The refined feline Cleopatra Cat Tower paired with it's cat shelf sibling, the Leaf.

I think it’s pretty easy to see why this is my top recommendation if you are looking for a tall cat tree for large cats.

It’s strong and sturdy, it’ll last you and your cat a lifetime, it’s beautiful and easy to clean. What more can you ask for, really?

But, there are several others I found that I thought were great and I’d like to show you those too.

Having options is never a bad thing and you never know when something else might be just that little bit better for your situation.

The Runner Up: The Lazy Buddy 67” Tall Cat Tree

The Lazy Buddy tall cat tree is perfect for large cats like Maine Coons and Ragdolls.  It's cute, tall and easy to clean.

This cat tree from Lazy Buddy is our runner up because it’s lovely, decently affordable, easy to clean and tall.  It meets all the criteria for a “good” and “quality” cat tree that I have.

The exact dimensions of the lazy buddy cat tree.  A great tall cat tree for large cats.

It’s a great height for the daredevil kitty in your life who likes to lounge up high.  It’s 67” tall, so just a little shorter than the Lotus cat tower featured above.  

It is made from CARB (California Air and Resources Board) certified natural wood particle boards.

So it’s strong, sturdy and won’t go tipping. It’s got a good heft, which helps ensure that when your cat takes that running leap, it doesn’t go wildly tipping over.

Each platform has its own removable comfy and soft mat.

They attach to the platform using velcro. This makes it super easy to remove them so that you can easily clean off your cat tree, and throw them into the wash.

Speaking of which, it has five platforms in total.  Each one is a decent enough size for a kitty to chill on.  And the very tippy top has a bed for your cat to enjoy, relax and watch the world go by in.

If you know your cat loves scratching posts, this cat tree has you covered there as well.  It has plenty of long, easy to access sisal scratching posts. Enough that your cat can scratch away to their heart’s content.

This lazy buddy cat tree can be used in conjunction with their other trees, combining them to make even bigger, more elaborate kitty play areas.

It has a lovely modern design.  It’s sleek, has a rather chic appearance and won’t be out of place in most homes.  Plus, the cat condo has a cute little paw shaped opening.

The cat condo is close enough to the ground that even an older cat can easily crawl in when they want to get away and relax.

The Luxury: The Milo from Tuft + Paw

This luxury cat tree from Tuft + Paw is amazing for families with large cats who like heights.  If you like modern and minimalist designs, this is it.

If you’re in the market for something really wonderful, with an interesting, minimalist and modern design.  Something that will look good while also being incredibly functional, the Milo is what I’d recommend.

It’s from Tuft + Paw a designer cat furniture brand who makes really cool luxury, minimalist cat trees and other furniture for your feline overlord.  

The Milo cat tree is a tall luxury cat tree with a little bit of everything built into it.  Scratching post, places to lounge, both down low and up high, things to climb and enjoy.

It’s 62” tall, so, while not as tall as some of the other options, it’s still more than high enough to give your kitty a great place to hang out and watch the world.

This cat tree is almost exactly 5 feet tall, so you can easily walk over and give them kisses whenever they are lounging on the top shelf.

It can easily hold any large cat you have, without problem.  It’s suitable for all cats of all shapes and sizes.

So large Maine Coons and Ragdolls, chonky kitties you are encouraging to exercise, small kittens… Whoever you need this for, it’ll work.

Because it’s so tall, with all it’s various platforms and play areas, it’s great for multi-cat homes as well.  Seeing as it has a wide, carpet covered ramp for them to race up and down.

A large climbing/scratching pole for them to scale and scratch.  A crystal hammock for them to lounge on at the top of the cat tree itself.

Rope winding around the upper sections of the cat tree on one side to give your cats even more to sink their claws into.

Cleaning is easy, just get a damp cloth and wipe it down.  It isn’t entirely carpet covered, instead it’s got little carpet pads that velcro onto the steps.  

The Milo tall cat tree for large cats is super easy to clean, with carpet pads being easily removable.

Assembly is easy.  

I think it’s easy to see why I picked this as the best luxury tall cat tree for large cats.

The Budget Friendly: FEANDREA 68” Sturdy Cat Tree

This budget friendly tall cat tree is incredibly sturdy and delightfully plush.  The perfect place for your kitty to snuggle up and have a nap.

And last but not least is this budget friendly tall cat tree for large cats from Feandrea.  It’s large, in charge and ready for your cats to have the time of their lives lounging on it or playing.

Feandrea makes very sturdy, affordable cat trees that cats of all sizes can enjoy.

This one is no exception, it’s 68.5 inches tall, with multiple platforms, two cat hammocks, a condo and even a cozy bed at the very tippy top.  

It’s made with CARB-certified particle board, helping it to be as strong as it can be for your cats safety.

It comes with anti-toppling fittings that you can attach to your wall.

So if you are really concerned that your cats romping will cause unnecessary wobbling, you’re covered.  

Every post and support on this cat tree is covered in all natural sisal rope.  This turns them into excellent scratching posts and can really give your cat something so claw up that isn’t your furniture.

The cat condo gives your cat a place to hide up high, somewhere they can lounge and watch the world.  Sometimes you just want to spy on your human underlings without them spying back, you know?

This tall cat tree for large cats is budget friendly, without compromising size and stability.

The two hammocks mean that there won’t be any fighting over prime spots (well, it’ll at least be minimal) if you have more than one kitty in the house.  

It’s covered in a plush, light grey carpet that is super cozy and comfy.  So your cats will never be at a loss for someplace to nestle in.  

The only thing to remember about the carpet, is it does make it a bit harder to clean than it’s non-carpeted brethren.

And that was the best cat tree for large cats, along with a few other options worth mentioning, just in case.  

They all have one thing in common.  They are tall, strong and more than capable of standing up to whatever your cat has to throw at them.  There’s a little something for everyone here, at the end of the day. 

I know how hard it is to find the perfect cat tree, especially for larger cats, so I hope this was helpful in your quest.  Have a good one and give your kitty some pets from me!

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