12 Of The Best Eye-Catching Modern Cat Trees For Your Stylish Home

12 Of The Best Eye-Catching Modern Cat Trees For Your Stylish Home

Being a proud cat parent, getting the best for them and finding actual modern cat trees that suit your sense of style and home décor isn’t always easy.

Thankfully, more and more options are becoming available that won’t compromise the look of your house while also getting your kitty everything they need. Healthy cats, a couch that’s not scratched, unscathed curtains, what more could you ask for?

Especially when your options look this good.

So, come on and see what’s available for you!

In A Hurry

The Best

The best modern cat tree around is the Milo, which you can see pictured here.

The Runner Up

The Grove is a modern cat tree from Tuft and Paw which you can see here.

On A Budget

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The Absolute Best: The Milo

A full clear image of the Milo cat tree, a minimalist cat tree from the modern luxury brand, Tuft & Paw.

The Milo is a modern cat tree from Tuft & Paw, quite unlike any other. It’s sleek, minimalistic design and unique features make it easily our top pick. It’s large enough to support multiple cats, with many things for each of them to do or places to lay.

Multiple “scratching posts” for them to enjoy. They aren’t your typical scratching posts though, because the sisal rope is looped around the wide flat wood of the cat tree itself rather than some kind of industrial cardboard tube.

There’s a ramp that scales nearly to the top of this 5 foot cat tree, covered in a removeable carpet pad for proper traction and scratching. A pole that does reach to the very tippy top of this tall piece of cat furniture.

This tree has neutral colors and an aesthetic that will fit in with any modern house, especially if you are looking for a minimalist cat tree.


  • Minimalist, Modern Design
  • Sisal Rope for scratching
  • Multiple interesting ways to get up it
  • Different places to lay
  • Replaceable Carpet Pads rather than all over carpet
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple Construction
  • Excellent customer service


  • Price tag

The Runner Up: The Grove

The Grove is a modern cat tree, and you can see it pictured here.  It could almost pass as a side table or piece of furniture.

Next up is the Grove, another piece from Tuft & Paw. This is really more modern cat furniture than cat tree, but I felt it needed to be included for several reasons!

The quality and beautiful design, while still being comfy and functional for your cats make this a lovely furniture quality cat tower to consider. Your guests might even confuse it for a fancy table before realizing it’s for your cats.

It’s an investment, just like a couch or dining room table.

The comfort and enjoyment your cats will get out of it will bring you an abundance of enjoyment yourself. Watching cats play on and snuggle up with their new modern cat tree is always a joy.


  • Quality
  • Longevity
  • Aesthetic
  • Minimalist, modern design
  • A+ customer support


  • One person noted that the tall version was taller than expected
    • Not a bad thing, per se, but make sure to read the specs!
  • Price Tag

On A Budget: The Mau Stores Modern Cat Tower

Here is a two platform cat tree from The Mau Store on Etsy.

If you are are still looking to invest in something nice, but want something more on the economical side… I present this lovely cat tower from The Mau Store.

This multi-level cat tree has several places for your cats to snuggle up, get cozy and enjoy themselves. Two bowl shaped cat beds are varying heights, offering your kitty multiple places to lounge up high. Meanwhile the pillows inside are actually machine washable cushions!

The cat condo on the very bottom of the cat tree is covered in an super plush fabric, perfect for kneading before laying down for a nap. I know my cat has a thing for kneading furry fabrics, maybe yours does too.

Clean, natural wood poles give this cat tree a slightly rustic but still incredibly modern look that can fit into most any living space you could think of.

All in all, I’d highly recommend this modern cat tree.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Beautiful modern design
  • Easy to clean washable cushions
  • Multi-cat home friendly
  • Supporting Small Businesses
  • Excellent customer service


  • Included pom-pom toys are quickly demolished by playing cats
    • Yeah I know, but that’s all I got for cons on this one.

Those are the top three modern cat trees, I recommend. That doesn’t mean there aren’t more options out there, since one size (or three in this case) very rarely fit all. Here are what I’d consider the honorable mentions of the day. They are all wonderful too, and maybe one of them will fit your life, home and cats better than the ones above, scroll on to find out!

The Sprout

This is the Sprout, a cubic design cat tree from Tuft & Paw.

The Sprout is a cat tree from Tuft & Paw that could almost masquerade as a minimalist side table next to your couch somewhere.

So if you are looking for a highly functional, yet beautiful piece of modern cat furniture to suit your house, conserve floor space and start conversations, this could be for you.

There is a dedicated side for scratching, where your cats can get the full stretch and scratch going. The carpet there is removable for replacement or cleaning and has been designed for heavy scratchers.


  • Compact enough for apartments and small spaces
  • Efficient design
  • Minimalist & modern
  • Easy to clean
  • Replaceable scratchpad


  • No cozy cushions for cats to lounge on

Real Cat Tree Stores Modern Cat Tree

A beautiful easy to clean cat tree with a fuzzy, machine washable cushion for your cat from the Real Cat Tree Store on Etsy.

Similar to The Mau Store, when you buy from the Real Cat Tree Stores on Etsy you are supporting small businesses making high quality modern cat trees. This wood cat tree is no exception when compared to the high quality of the other cat trees here.

This is a simple, yet effective tree and it’s clear they kept proper design in mind when they made this. Not only is it a lovely place for your cat to perch and snuggle up, it’s beautiful.

This is a single platform cat tree, so it doesn’t have multiple scratching posts like some of the others. Nonetheless, the scratching post it does have takes up the entire support pole, giving your cat more than enough space to stretch and scratch.


  • Removable plush cushion for easy cleaning or replacing
  • Compact
  • Sleek design
  • Multiple finish options for the wood
  • Easy assembly


  • N/A

The Frond Cat Tree

The Frond is a simple but modern cat tree , with three distinct platforms.

The Frond is a simple cat tree with a minimalist design that is perfect for cats who just want to hop around, climb up and hang out.

Here to help your cats with their natural desire to climb, scratch and lounge, this is a lovely modern cat tower here to keep your couch safe and your kitty busy. It’s a nice height too, so if your cat wants to stare out of a taller window, this is perfect to set in front.

It’s 49 inches tall, making this a 4-foot high cat tree.


  • Sisal-wrapped scratching posts
  • Easy to clean
  • Nice platforms for climbing
  • Simple, contemporary design


  • A little pricey for the design
  • No carpet pads for traction on the platforms

Bon Cat Furniture’s Modern Bijou Cat Tower

The Bijou cat tower is a beautiful cat tree made from baltic birch plywood.

This cat tree is a beautiful example of contemporary design and functionality. You are once again supporting a small business when you order from this store as well.

This modern cat tower has several customization options for you to choose from, from adding a see-through acrylic hammock for your cats to lounge in and a climbable cat ramp!

There are easily removable carpet pads on each platform, giving your feline overlord somewhere to lay while providing traction when they decide to leap on or off the cat tower. This makes them easy to replace too.


  • Easy to clean
  • Quality
  • Customization Options
  • Large cat friendly


  • N/A

MillyFitcat’s 18-Step Spiral Cat Tower

This is a 18 step cat tree in black and white, for the cat who wants to be as high up as possible.

If you are looking for a cat tree that for the high flying daredevil in your life, who you can’t seem to keep off the highest of bookshelves and the refrigerator… Well, look no further.

This cat tower was designed not only for your cats to enjoy a nice vantage point, but to be a conversation starter the next time you have friends over.

It also makes great use of vertical space, rather than being super wide. It can fit into a lot of spaces other modern cat trees might not be able to, making it a great modern cat tree for apartment and condo life.


  • Apartment friendly
  • Easy assembly
  • Simple to clean


  • No scratch pad or scratching post

The Mau Store’s Modern Wood Cat Tree

A natural wood cat tree with plush accents, it's lovely and modern while having a faintly rustic feel.

Another excellent option from The Mau Store. This wood cat tree features a natural branch, meaning every handmade piece of cat furniture they make is unique. No two branches are alike, after all!

It’s sturdy enough to handle even larger cats, and the comfy basket at the top is perfectly suited to kitties of any size. Perfect for cat climbing, romping and running.

Meanwhile the cushion inside the basket is machine washable, making this another easy to clean and maintain cat tower.


  • Easy to clean
  • Large cat friendly
  • Minimalistic design
  • Easy assembly
  • Great customer service


  • N/A

Refined Feline’s Lotus Cat Tower

Classic elegance is how I'd describe this cat tree.  Dark wood finish with easy to remove and clean berber carpet on the plateforms.

The Lotus cat tower is a beautiful wood cat tree with an attached cat condo. This particular cat tower has a classic, yet modern elegance to it that most others lack.

You don’t see a lot of cat furniture that is… Well, furniture. That looks the part of being for the cat, while still holding its own as a lovely piece that can fit into your home. The Lotus, otherwise known as the Cleopatra cat tree, does that.

If you want to read our thoughts on this cat tree, check this out!

Not to mention this brand has it’s own line of cat perches, or cat shelves that are designed to go with this tower. Aesthetically and functionally!


  • Modern elegance
  • Perfect for multi-cat homes
  • Large cat friendly
  • Replaceable scratch pads
  • Has attached cat condo


  • Some customers report instability

Bon Cat Furniture’s Octave Full Sized Cat Tower

The Octave is a beautiful cat tree made with baltic birch and is as sturdy as they come.

Another solid wood cat tree, made from Baltic Birch with multiple customization options for you to choose from. The Octave full sized cat tower is perfect for getting your cat climbing, playing and running up something you want them playing on.

You know, instead of the curtains, couch or other … not cat friendly surfaces.

There are carpet pads that snap onto each platform, giving someplace a little cushy to lay. They also function as scratch pads and provide traction for when your cat takes a big ‘ol leap.


  • Easy to clean
  • Modern design
  • Quality materials
  • Easy assembly


  • No actual cushions

Liveinideal’s Modern Cat House

This modern cat house is made with the best quality wood with beautiful slated wood details so your cat has easy visibility while still feeling safe inside their cubby.

Okay, so I know this one basically got in on a technicality, but I couldn’t resist featuring it. It’s unique and gorgeous design make it one of the most interesting cat trees I’ve seen in awhile.

It’s all handmade with care and the highest quality materials. There are several places for your cat(s) to lounge and watch the world go by, from various heights.

This is especially good if you have a bush-dweller cat who enjoys hanging out in a cat condo, taking breaks from their napping spot to have a run around.


  • Modern design that feels like it’s a piece of art
  • Quality materials
  • Great lounging cubbies
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Not technically a cat tree
    • More cat condo, or cubby

BoisDesign’s Natural Wood Cat Tree

A natural wood cat tree straddles the line between modern chic and rustic, which is exactly what this does.  Made from solid wood tree branches and cut out rounds from the trunk of the tree itself.

Now this cat tree is truly a work of art. It’s made completely from natural wood, from the platforms to the branches. If you want to make a statement, this is the way to do it.

Somehow both modern and rustic all at once, with the bark removed the tree limbs create their own clean lines of a sort. It’s beautiful to behold.

Meanwhile, it all provides a natural place to get your cat climbing and wood for them to sink their kitty claws into. There is really endless opportunities with this.


  • Unique
  • Natural wood
  • Multi-cat home friendly


  • Not space efficient

Those are all the modern cat trees I have for today! As you can see, there are as many options out there as there are people and aesthetics, and there are only more coming in all the time. So I will be sure to keep this post updated!

I hope you found this helpful, if you did, why not share it? And have a nice day, give your kitty some love for us here at Cool Cat Tree Plans!

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