Elegant S-Curved Cat Tree Without Carpet

Elegant S-Curved Cat Tree Without Carpet - Sometimes called a Cleopatra cat tree or an "Archie and Oscar cat tree" this bare wood cat tree enhances to your home decor. Affordable luxury!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

“The most beautiful cat condo I’ve ever seen” is what is being said about this elegant s-curved cat tree without carpet. We are inclined to agree with that sentiment.

The signature “S” shape of the main “post” of this this tower is what sets it apart from any other pet furniture on the market. The carpet covered platforms are spacious so even very large cats have room to sprawl out on them.

It comes with a sisal pad that is perfect for kitty to sharpen his claws on. And each platform is covered in a faux suede pad so your precious fur balls won’t slip’n slide around.

Also note this pad is removable for easy cleaning on your part!

Check out how your cats can walk from side to side on the platforms right through the the specially designed holes in the center post! 

We know lots of folks who love their kitties to pieces but HATE carpeted cat trees with a burning passion. If that describes you then this all wood cat furniture is for you. Couple it with a sleek luxury cat shelf or two and you’ll have an elegant cat room big enough for a whole house full of kitties.

The image speaks for itself. You know this will be a conversation starter once you get it into your home. All your friends will be wanting one too.

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One of the many reasons we chose to spotlight this item is that when it comes to pet furniture there’s not a lot of stuff out there for those of you who are into minimalism or ultra modern home decor. If that’s your style, this elegant s-curved cat tree without carpet is a game changer for you. And yet it an easily fit into most any other decorating scheme as well.

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