The Best Wooden Cat Trees, No Carpet In Sight (Top 10+ Picks)

The best wooden cat tree, no carpet in sight.  Our top 10+picks for cat trees without carpet.

If you have been on the hunt for modern, wooden cat trees, no carpet involved then look no further. These are some stylish cat trees without carpet that are more than eye-catching and are sure to go well in your home.

A cat tree is a must-have for anyone who has a cat who wants them to be happy and healthy. They give your cat something to scratch, climb, and hide in.

Back in the day, it was hard or downright impossible to find cat furniture without carpet. Today, the best modern cat trees have very little or no carpet at all. They are great for cats AND easy on your eyes.

In A Hurry

The Best

The best modern cat tree around is the Milo, which you can see pictured here.

The Runner Up

The Grove is a modern cat tree from Tuft and Paw which you can see here.

On A Budget

The cat trees we’ve selected to highlight for you today are all super stylish, highly functional, easy to clean, and (design-wise) very different from one another. They range from ultra-modern to the rather traditional in terms of their appearance.

Each and every one of them steps up and proves, in their own way, that a cat tree without carpet is a thing of both function and beauty.

The Milo: The Wood Cat Tree No Carpet King!

The Milo is a wooden cat tree, no carpet involved.  It's beautiful, sleek, and modern.

Honestly, the modern design of this no carpet cat tree just blows all the others away! The Milo is absolutely not your traditional cat tree!

It’s a one-of-a-kind jungle gym that provides cats with plenty of space for play and exploration while also promoting their physical and mental well-being.

The sophisticated tower construction includes two covered treehouses, two perches, a fish bowl type hammock, and two slide-like super sturdy scratching posts upholstered in detachable sturdy fiber mats making it ideal for multi-cat families.

It’s made of durable natural birch plywood and has animal-friendly curved corners for added safety and provides plenty of things for the cat to do. If you are looking for an activity center for your cats, this is it!

Bottom line, the Milo is a terrific multi-level cat tree. It is sturdy, attractive, and easy to put together. (Note: you’ll want to have an electric screwdriver on hand)


  • This cat tree is super stable so even really large cats can romp and play with abandon.
  • Comes with an additional shelf if your cats don’t enjoy the “Bubble Bowl” you can install another platform instead.
  • Clear easy to follow instructions for assembly


  • Pricy
  • Ships in two boxes. That can be confusing to some people.

The Grove: A Bare Wood Cat Tree

The Grove is a bare wood cat tree from Tuft + Paw a designer brand for beautiful cat furniture.

It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to cat trees. The Grove’s unique slatted design is an eye-catching statement piece that will enhance your existing décor.

Your cat can relax in the bottom chamber with open views, the faux shearling upper level provides a panoramic viewpoint and a place to socialize with you and the other people in your house!

The Grove is available in two sizes: short (24 inches) and tall (41 inches), and can be enjoyed singly or in groups. Both are 18 inches across.

We think these work very well with one short and one tall placed next to one another. This makes it much easier for your kitties to get to the top of the 41-inch tower.


  • The design. This piece of cat furniture can easily be mistaken for a plant stand or art display stand.
  • Customer service
  • Easy to clean
  • Carpet-free cat tree


  • Some customers report the tall one being a little unstable for more rambunctious cats

FEANDREA: Vintage Cat Tree With Washable Cushions

This is a gorgeous vintage inspired cat tree with no carpet.

This cat tree has a vintage feel without the carpet. With it’s beautiful, stained wood appearance and large cat condo base it’s the purrfect meeting of both your needs and your cats.

Easily washable cushions sit on the large platforms for your cats. If you have large cats and a budget, FEANDREA is the way to go.

This cat tree is sturdy and large enough to handle a big kitty or a parkour cat. With a long, floor to perch sisal scratching post for even the longest of cats to get a good stretch and scratch session in.


  • Large cat friendly
  • Lovely, vintage aesthetic
  • Removable platform pads make it easy to clean


  • Some customers report that they had a hard time with assembly

New Age Pet exoFLEX: Cat Tree That Doesn’t Collect Hair

This is an ecoFlex cat tree that couldn't be easier to clean.  No carpet to worry about, just detachable scratch pads.

Think that a cat tree that doesn’t collect hair is a pipe dream? Think again! This stylish and sturdy “new age” cat tree doesn’t have a single space that hangs onto your kitty’s fur.

Even the platform pads (which are detachable, washable, and super comfy) are easy to wipe cat hair off of. Just put on a latex glove and give them a swipe of your hand or use a damp sponge and any hair that happens to settle there will just roll right off.

Stands On Its Own OR Is Easily Anchored To Your Wall For Extra Stability!

This unit ticks all the boxes. It has two condos or cubbies for naps and “sneaky kitty” fun. Two cushioned platforms for hanging out and surveying his kitty kingdom. And a tall scratching pad to keep nails sharp and OFF YOUR FURNITURE!

The unique appearance and ease of cleaning really made me decide to include this cat tree in this “Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet” collection. I really like breaking out of the box, so to speak, and finding unique cat trees for your consideration.


  • Super simple to clean
  • Carpet-free cat tree design
  • Good for small living spaces since it uses the vertical space in your house


  • Some customers have reported quality issues

The Sapling: Wooden Cat Tree With Cozy Perches

The Sapling is a wooden cat tree, no carpet from a small business on Etsy.

The Sapling is a glorious solid wood cat tree from a small business on Etsy. It has scratch pads on each platform to make a cozy perch for your cat.

This cat tree is made to last for years. It is truly built like quality furniture for both you and your cat to enjoy. Made from real wood and quality, non-toxic materials.

Handmade to order with interior grade douglas fir and heavy lag screw construction truly mean this will be in your family for years to come. Combine that with it’s unique, modern design and you have a lovely piece.


  • Handmade
  • Real wood
  • Made to last years
  • Multi-cat home friendly


  • N/A

The Sprout: Space Saving Modern Cat Tree

The Sprout is a modern cat tree without carpet, instead it's got a mod, minimalist design with soft felt covering it's platforms.

If you want a wooden cat tree, no carpet, no plush obnoxious 70’s nausea … Well, you couldn’t get farther from that than this, really. This is a modern cat tree that can fit in most spots and save your floor space if you are in a smaller house or apartment.

It’s covered in a soft felt that your cat can enjoy snuggling on, and instead of a sisal wrapped pole one side has a special scratching surface for them to use.

This scratch pad is detachable for easy cleaning or replacement too!


  • Perfect for apartments
  • Compact
  • Modern design
  • Removable scratch pad


  • A bit pricy

Kit-ty Tree Deluxe: A Wooden Cat Tree, No Carpet Involved That Looks Like A Real Tree

This cat tree looks like a tree, it has minimal carpet and natural tree branches.  This is a huge showstopper.

Here is a unique, truly amazing cat tree that looks like a tree. How often do you see something like this? Especially one that’s made with such high quality from an amazing small business.

The quality of the build and materials is practically unsurpassed, right along with the visuals. If you want to talk statement piece, this is it.

Let your cats natural instincts shine with this cat tree as they get to climb, claw and peep through the jungle of silk foliage. This handmade tree is a piece of art, and because they use natural tree branches and make each one by hand there are slight size differences between each one they make.

This really ensures you get personal, unique cat tree when you order one.


  • Each cat tree is unique
  • Small business
  • Multi-cat home friendly
  • Large cat friendly


  • A bit pricy

Armarkat: Traditional Style Solid Wood Cat Tree

This is a solid wood cat tree, it's affordable yet nice.  Perfect if you like traditional cat tree shapes.

This Armarkat solid wood cat tree is 89 inches tall! I’m pretty sure this is the tallest cat tree I’ve seen outside the floor-to-ceiling models. And for all that height it still has a very slim profile.

It has NINE levels for your kitty to explore and enjoy. Including a cat hammock and cat condos way up top where your little lion can hang out and survey his kingdom. Fun, right?

89 Inches Tall.
EASY Assembly. Takes 20 min or LESS!

The wood used to make this cat furniture is solid “Pinus Sylvestris” or Scotts Pine. Even in the picture above you can see the wood grain. And all the posts are completely wrapped in sisal.

Which means this cat tree has so many sisal scratching posts. That ensures your cats can climb and scratch to their heart’s content.

Because it’s so tall, Armarkat has made the base of this cat tower double thick for added stability. This seems to work out pretty well because we haven’t had any reports of it tipping over.

That said, we have had folks tell us that it “wobbled” when their large cats “got crazy” on it. So we recommend you do what she did and place a heavy rock (like a patio paver), unused barbell weight, or kettlebell on the bottom. Problem solved!

Including this particular cat tower in a collection of “Wooden Cat Trees, No Carpet” was a no-brainer because Armarkat is known for its high-quality standards and great customer service.


  • Tall, perfect for daredevil kitties
  • Sisal scratching post
  • Zero Carpet
  • Somewhat traditional cat tree look


  • Some users reported that they felt the platforms weren’t staggered enough to be proper steps/launch points for further up the tree
  • A little woobly if you have a large cat who wants to go hog wild

BoisDesign: Natural Wood Cat Tree

A solid wooden cat tree no carpet made from a real tree trunk.

Do you want a cat tree unlike any other? One that not only is carpet free and easy to clean but is also a unique, attractive design. This is not like any of those other typical cat trees you’ll see. BoisDesign on Etsy makes one of a kind, natural wood cat trees.

No carpet, all amazing one of a kinds.

Made from solid wood material (it’s made from a literal tree trunk) that your feline friend can leap, frolic and play on to their hearts content. And when messes occur, it’s easy to clean. Damp cloth and you’re good to go.

All of their cat trees are like this, and what you get will vary depending on the tree used, so browse what’s available right now and see if there’s something that would work well in your home!


  • One of a kind
  • All wooden design
  • Natural wood
  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy


  • Shipping might be pricy depending on your country

PEQULTI Rocket: Carpet-Free Cat Tree Brings Sci-Fi Into Your Home

A delightful, easy to assemble rocket themed cat tree.  No carpet, cozy fuzzy pads that are easy to throw in the washing machine.

If you want an epic cat tower to add an amazing conversation piece to your house while giving your cats a fun time… Well, look no further.

This rocket inspired multi-level cat tree is well made, affordable and an absolute joy to look at. It has 4 levels for your cat to choose from. Whichever vantage point they prefer, they can have. It also helps when you have multiple cats to have different options for them to pick from!

It has little acrylic porthole windows that add to the whole spaceship aesthetic and send it over the edge for me and made me know I had to feature it.

And to top it all off, it’s super simple to clean. You can just wipe off the cat tree itself with a damp cloth, and the soft cushions on each level of the cat tree are removeable so you can toss it into the wash!


  • Unique spaceship design
  • Easy to clean
    • Removable cushion
  • Serious conversation starter
  • Quality design at a good price


  • N/A

Cleopatra Cat Tree: The Classic Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet

This is the Cleopatra Cat Tree, also known as The Lotus.  It's a furniture quality cat tree.

What collection of “Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet” would be complete without the Cleopatra Cat Tree? Also known as the “Refined Lotus” it is the original cat tree without carpet.

Known for it’s elegance and unique S-curve design this modern cat tree really is the standard by which other pet furniture is judged.

The Standard By Which Modern Cat Trees Are Measured!

Honestly, it’s not unusual for folks to tell us that guests to their home and tell them that it feels more like a piece of furniture that they invested in for them, than just a “cat tree”.

It comes in three different wood stains (Espresso, Mahogany and Smoke) so you can easily select the style that best compliments your home décor.

All the platform pads and cubby cushion are fully removable and washable for easy cleaning or replacement when they become worn. The same goes for the sisal scratching pad. Well, you don’t want to toss that in the washer but you can easily replace it when needed.


  • High quality
  • Beautiful, furniture quality piece
  • Large cat friendly


  • Though the base is stable, the tippy top can have a little bit of a wobble

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Now that you’ve had a chance to take a good long look at these stylish and easy to clean cat towers we hope you’ll agree with us when we say “Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet” NO PROBLEM!

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