Cool Cat Tree Plans Don’t Work

Cool cat tree plans don’t work for you if you don’t follow thru and USE them!

Folks ask me all the time if getting a set of cat furniture plans will really make sure they build a tower, condo or tree that’s unique and fits with their décor.

And I’ll tell you what I always tell them.  In a word, NO!

The only thing that can make sure you get the pet furniture of your dreams is YOU taking action and doing it.

Sure, the plans will help make sure you build it the right way, that it’s stable and that you don’t waste time and money on stuff you don’t need, etc.  But the only thing that will “make sure you get what you want” is for you to take action once you get your plans.

Looking for plans that will teach you good woodworking skills as well as how to build a cat tree?  Take a look at these!

Yes, you have to actually take action and USE your cat tree plans after you download them!

At this point I’m sure you veteran DIY folks are thinking I’m nuts.

But honestly, you have no idea how many people buy a product like this and think that somehow having it on their shelf will magically make the thing they desire magically appear.

As nuts as that sounds, it happens all the time.

To some very well meaning people.  And it’s so sad because it means their cats never get the play space they need to keep healthy and fit, their people never get to watch them romp and play.

And most importantly they don’t get the satisfaction of having a truly unique cat tree they can be proud of.

So my advice to you today is, don’t be one of those people.

Only you can build the cat furniture of your dreams.  Be it a room filling cat condo shaped like a castle from some far off fairy world or a simple cat tower to tuck into a corner of your room.

Cool cat tree plans can help but only if  you take action!

Are you an action taker?  It’s time to brag a little.  Tell us what you’ve built for your kitties in the comments below.

Rather Have Your Cat Tree Shipped Right To Your Door?

Take a gander at these bet sellers.  All are easy to assemble and inexpensive.  Most come with FREE SHIPPING too!

Vesper Cat Furniture, Walnut, V-BaseVesper Cat Furniture, Walnut, V-BaseMore Info…Pawhut 54Pawhut 54More Info…PETPALS GROUP Four Level Between Paper Rope Perch and Condo Lounger,PETPALS GROUP Four Level Between Paper Rope Perch and Condo Lounger,More Info…Contoure Modern Cat Tree Tower (unfinished birch) - by ContempoCatContoure Modern Cat Tree Tower (unfinished birch) – by ContempoCatMore Info…[NEW] PetFusion Modern Cat Activity Tree & Scratching Post. (Furniture Grade[NEW] PetFusion Modern Cat Activity Tree & Scratching Post. (Furniture GradeMore Info…Sturdy Cat Tree Tower, solid (unfinished) birch plywood, with four carpetedSturdy Cat Tree Tower, solid (unfinished) birch plywood, with four carpetedMore Info…Prevue Pet Products Kitty Power Paws Multi-Platform Posts with Tassel Toys,Prevue Pet Products Kitty Power Paws Multi-Platform Posts with Tassel Toys,More Info…Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture BeigeGo Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture BeigeMore Info…Bowsers Cat Tower - Cool HuesBowsers Cat Tower – Cool HuesMore Info…


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Just to be clear, your cool cat tree plans aren’t going to magically make a fantabulous cat tree materialize right before your eyes without a little effort on your part.  If you want cat furniture for your kitties to play on you either need to get yourself some woodworking instruction and get busy IMPLEMENTING or have one of the many lovely and inexpensive cat trees available today shipped right to your door.  Either way your cats will thank you.

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